It looks like an Eternity

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on

Today on my Instagram feed this image and caption (below) got my attention.

Be kind to ourself and be kind to our elders. We are young at heart, but the body gets old and maybe ill. But, still we are young at heart. Just because someone looks old now, they have a fond life to recall, or maybe a lot of pain, or a mix.

Stop and get to know their story, and you might learn something that your original assumption would never have concluded to.

The soul is forever young. But the body gets old.

Remember none of us stay young forever. Be kind. One day that kindness will be repaid.

From Instagram @the_mastery_of_self

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13 thoughts on “It looks like an Eternity

  1. We are all an eternal presence, wrapped into a passing story

    Which is why the idea of growing old, that appears so evident on the body, remains so alien to the soul

    Because we are unchanged inside

    Lovely piece

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  2. That image came to me too on one of the platforms, and I loved it. It is such a clear and visual reminder of how short and long life is. It is a very important message to not have assumptions of a person because of the age or appearance of the body.

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