Thoughts Impact our Health and the World. ** repost**

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Dr Masura Emoto did some experiments on water and below is a video of his experiments, a few of his quotes and pictures of the beautiful crystal in water and the not so beautiful crystal in water. 

Sadly, Dr Emoto passed away 17th October 2014, but his work is brilliant and it proves how our thoughts impact our health, our body, the atmosphere, the world, the nature around us.  Our thoughts impact each other, we can breed hate in each other – or hate for one another  and there is nothing normal about hate.    Our true nature is peace, purity, love, wisdom and joy.  So let is breed love and peace in each other.  Smile , be considerate when you can.

He had two water jars, on one he put negative words, on the other, he put words like love and other positive words.   The water crystals on the negative jar were dark and not formed; the ones with positive words like love were beautiful.


Our body is  70% water, the earth is 71 percent is water.    So imagine our daily negative thinking, our getting upset with road rage, someone cuts us up in the queue,   someone speak to us badly.  We suffer from  uncontrolled or moments of anger, irritation, fear, worry , etc.   These thoughts, vibration impact our health,impact nature, impact our family our neighbours as our thoughts travel (what is an aura – it is our vibration).

We truly can make ourselves healthy with what we think or we can make ourselves sick  with what we think.

So, if  we want the world to be peaceful,  kind, compassionate,  caring , wise and loving – WHAT DO WE NEED TO DO?

If we want nature to be kind to us, no Tsunami’s etc  -WHAT DO WE HAVE TO DO?

We Human Beings (SOULS) have so much power for good we can make our world HEAVEN by our thoughts and interaction with our fellow brothers and nature.  Or we make it HELL with our thoughts and our false identification with the Body and everything negative.

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Be the change you want to see in the world – Gandhi. 

Stop thinking it is the government’s job, the united nations’ job to change the world; we ARE ALL RESPONSIBLE for this planet and our vibrations,  WE are all CITIZENS of this EARTH,  We are all SIBLING – come on, lets start behaving like one family.   Let take care of each other and the earth – then we will be in HEAVEN and not in Hell.

It is our RESPONSIBILITY, let’s support each other and make  a better world and improve our health by changing our thoughts.

I hope you enjoyed this post and are inspired to be the change in the world.  I am responsible for my change and my impact on this world – no one else is responsible.

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19 thoughts on “Thoughts Impact our Health and the World. ** repost**

  1. I was always fascinated by this experience and has kept me inspired to keep practicing positivity, love, peace, compassion. We are literally one as humanity and with nature because of this simple constituent called water that makes up much of existence. I find it a miracle in itself and it is a great teacher in how any forms, functions and properties it has. I did not know Dr. Emoto is no more.
    Reminds me of what a teacher said, when you pour water in a glass, don’t just gulp it down. Allow the motion to settle a bit while you pause with a calm mind and then sip or drink. I have found it a very powerful practice. Simple water becomes filled with profound intention of calm clarity.

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    1. Thank you for your beautiful comment and sharing your experiences. Yes we should respect water we drink and even give it calming vibrations before we drink it. And same with food as it all impacts are health and our peace. It is a lovely practice your teacher taught about water. I think it is also a elegant, royal and respectful way to live.

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