Happy 5th Birthday to thoughtsnlifeblog.com

What do I say. I don’t know where the time went. I clearly must be a wiser blogger; though honestly I feel clueless, maybe more so now than when I started.

I started my blogging journey, jumping in with both feet, no idea, NO IDEA, and carried on that way. There was no master plan, there was no clue, just I want to share thoughts on life, and learn something new along the way.

I did not know I would make so many friends around the world, who would touch my heart, make me smile, and support me. From whom I would learn so much about writing, poetry, health, gardening, photography and so much more. And who spark in me I want to improve as writer, blogger. Seriously, I walked in blind, no plan, no idea, no aim. And I gained the world and the best of friends, in the bloggers of wordpress com.

Thank you for all for supporting me and my blogging journey.

Love Bella

Photo by Polina Tankilevitch on Pexels.com

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  1. Awesome! Congrats. I love to write and create. I want my blog to lead to the creative business of muy dreams. Nothing fancy just to take care of me through art. Here’s to our dreams.

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  2. Wow happy birthday and congrats to you and your blog! Keeping up the commitment and staying strong for five years without giving up is a BIG deal! You do so much good here, and I’m so glad I found it and met you. Here’s to fifty years!

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