Meditation Commentary – Getting out of the Cage


We are more than this body, we are Soul ,Spirit.

We are free.

We are the driver of this body.

We are Souls. A point of light. The master of this body.

This body is a vehicle of the Soul. When the body ceases, I the Soul remain. I am a point of light. I can heal this body and matter.

This body and its relations can sometimes feel like a cage for I the Soul. I am immortal, free spirit, who needs a body to express my personality.

As usual this meditation is from the release your wings YouTube channel ( that is these are not my creation).


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4 thoughts on “Meditation Commentary – Getting out of the Cage

  1. I’ve not done much meditation. A few years ago I went on a week’s introductory course on the subject on a friend’s recommendation, but that turned me off the idea, partly because of the odd beliefs their reclusive and self-important chief guru wanted to share (some babble about reincarnation, with a strong anthropomorphic bias that didn’t sit at all well with me), but mostly due to the sheer length of time we students were expected to spend in meditation. An hour each session several times a day is just too much for someone not used to it.

    But six minutes is not a big ask. Well, for me ‘Getting out of the Cage’ was actually two segments of three minutes each, because halfway through I was jarred out of my calm reverie by the presenter’s request to “take a moment now to remember that you truly are pure conscient light”. An odd phrase. It unfortunately reminded me of that pompous guru’s teachings.

    But that aside, it was quite calming, very peaceful. Thanks for sharing this, Bella!

    Incidentally, I got a copy of ‘the balance app‘, recently launched by Elevate Labs (they’re offering a year of it free, in case you’re interested). I’ve been using that for five minutes a day, and it has taught me the benefit of taking a few minutes out, just to contemplate.

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    1. I am sorry the meditation didn’t sit well with you. I do share meditation that are on the spiritual side, here on my blog (quite often). For me they are a source of strength and peace. But, I get spiritual stuff isn’t everyone’s cuppa tea. Welcome to ignore those posts. Thank you for Elevate Labs ‘ the balance app’ suggestion. I will take a look.

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