Thursday Affirmation

Thursday Affirmation

What is an Affirmation?

An Affirmation is a Positive statement that starts with ” I Am…”. An affirmation should not have any negative words in it, like Not, Don’t etc then the thought becomes fully positive, because it only contains positive words and emotions in it.

When we use affirmations, we rewire our mind , our thoughts and feelings to be more positive, and we send a message to the universe that we shall eventually get back.


The Prescription…

I believe affirmation should be repeated 7 times in one go and spoken or written 3 times a day. It is like a medicine prescription. I promise magic will happen. And if you do it for 21 days or longer, your life will change. Mine has!

Here is an example of an affirmation you can practice with . Of course you should create your own and practice and watch your life get better and better.

I AM GOOD. I am strong. I AM calm and peaceful, I can do anything. I AM CONFIDENT.


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I believe that the thoughts we create impact our life greatly. If we are able to change our thoughts, redirect them, catch our negative thinking.We can change our life. Read my 'About' page to find out more about

26 thoughts on “Thursday Affirmation

  1. Thanks for sharing. I often find it helpful to give positive attributes affirmations to myself when I’ve been struggling – simply saying I’m strong, I’m confident, I can do this gets me through a lot of things.

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    1. Welcome. There was a time in my life where everything was unbearable. It was then when I learnt affirmations, gratitude and the power of repetition. I knew of the law of attraction, but never really practiced it. But when I did this method, it changed everything. Even if I couldn’t do it 3 times, at least once or twice a day helped. But 3 times makes it more powerful. Having said that, even once a day is better than zero. It changed everything.

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      1. I hear you. It is a very apt message to me what you say. I remember now I practiced affirmations earnestly when times were unbearable and it did change everything. It is important that I don’t forget of this power during these better times πŸ’›

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