Don’t Forget to Love Yourself

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Don’t forget to love yourself.

In times of great difficulty – don’t forget to love yourself.

Don’t forget to say to yourself, you are doing your best.

Everyone is finding it hard right now.

Smile to yourself and strangers. A smile is a virtual hug.

Don’t forget to love yourself and those you live with.

We are passing through hard times. It is hard for all of us.

Send love to yourself, the family and the world.

This too will pass.

Keep sharing your light to the world.

And send your light to yourself

Smile often.

Go for walks.

Appreciate what you have.

Don’t forget to love yourself!


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  1. So many lessons here that are so important to take to heart, even though it can be difficult sometimes. I like the idea that a smile is a virtual hug. Though sadly with the masks, we must learn to smile with our eyes.

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