Day 11 of the 31 day- Meditation Challenge

Daily Meditation calms the mind, heals our wounds, and restore our energy. It lifts us up when we are down. Daily Meditation is healing and renewing. Even if when we don’t feel up to meditating, we should force ourselves to meditate. Meditating with commentaries helps us calm the mind. The objective of Meditation is not to stop the mind from its chatter but to change that chatter to positive and calm talk. Meditation allows us to see answers within us but are clouded by the noise of an anxious mind. Solitude is a great healer. Along with solitude the Divine is a great healer. I am okay. I am safe in Gods light. I am safe. Everything is happening as it should. I am pure peace. I have courage and strength. I am content and full. I am alive. I am Strong. I am healed.


This Meditation from Release Your Wings YouTube channel, not my creation. These meditations are spiritual in nature. The challenge is simple I post meditation commentaries for all of us to meditate with.

I hope you enjoy this mediation

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