How to have Stability in the Storms of Life

The simple answer is ROUTINES.

Routines of meditating daily, spiritual study, affirmations, gratitude and journaling.

Waking up and going to bed at the right time.

Our ROUTINES become our inner strength and our rock.

We MAY wobble a few days or weeks, but our routines and spiritual study, and God’s love will always give you strength.

Additionally, being flexible with the twists and turns of life. Adjusting, bending, staying strong, even detached as you adjust, digest the life changing events.

God is a secret power source. But so are the good ROUTINES you have built over time.

Start and End Your Day with meditation and spiritual study, with God’s love. Then you will have the strength to sail the storms of life.

With love Bella


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13 thoughts on “How to have Stability in the Storms of Life

  1. Oh Bella you wonderful human❣️

    I needed this post. Short and simple and inspiring.

    I’ve been working HARD on routines for this last year and these last few weeks has had SO MANY twists and turns that Ive been “turned” upside down often 😂

    I wallowed in frustration and a smidge of self judgment then realized, this IS life. Twists and turns included that disrupt and complicate our relatives. And having teenagers while also being busy with my career certainly has unlimited interruptions and obstacles to an easy, carefree day 😃😆

    So I’ll continue to do my meditations before starting and when ending my day, as limited as they may be until I can make more time to follow the glorious meditations you so generously share.

    Thanks for writing this. It was a gift and EXACTLY what I needed to read❣️❣️❤️❤️🤗🤗

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