Affirmation, Intention, Law of Attraction

The Medication is the affirmation. The prescription is repeat 7 or 21 times in a row, 3 times a day (or at least once), for at least 21 days. Best results use a pen and paper.

The affirmation is the intention and the repetition is the law of attraction. Good thoughts, positive thoughts will lead to positive results.

The Affirmation

I Can do This. I can handle this. I can do this. This will make me strong. We will get through this. Everything will work out. It will all work out smoothly, promptly and well.


Note to my fellow bloggers I just wanted to say a quick sorry. I am unable to visit all your blogs and get to read all your lovely post. I have been struggling for a good few weeks may be months. Life has really turned upside down. And things are so great at the moment. I am not sure what my blogging schedule will be like going forward and how often I can visit your lovely blogs. I will be around but how often I am not sure. This affirmation is for me to help me, but it might be helpful to you too.


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I believe that the thoughts we create impact our life greatly. If we are able to change our thoughts, redirect them, catch our negative thinking.We can change our life. Read my 'About' page to find out more about

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