Day 31 of the 31 Day – Meditation Challenge

Congratulation in reaching the end of the 31 day meditation challenge. But, don’t stop. Keep it up. Just return to day 1 and do it all again.

Daily mediation 365 days a year, year on year will change your life. The practice is grounding and centering.

When life throws us storms, our meditation practice will realign us and we will be able to face the challenge. Not just face but we gain a great clarity on how to move forward. We gain a strength and we look forward to meditating. No matter how bad life gets never stop meditation and spiritual learning it saves you daily.

Today’s Meditation from Release Your Wings youtube channel, not my creation. The challenge is simple I post meditation commentaries for all of us to meditate with.

These meditation commentaries are wonderful as the hold spiritual truths, and concepts that once we start to contemplate and understand, our lives are transformed for the better.


If you are unable to play the Youtube video click here for the meditation


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