Slowing Down

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Sometimes life changes and it requires us to change, to slow down, speed up, or do things differently.

Sometimes slowing down to adjust to life is essential. To give space to create capacity to deal with an undefined phase of life, gives me strength to handle life better.

On that note, I am slowing down my time on wordpress com. Some of you may have noticed I haven’t been able to visit your blogs as I used to. My life is going through something that I can’t define, nor do I know where it will lead, and how long it will be. So I slowing down on the blogging front. I am not stopping just slowing down. So I will be around but it will be infrequent.

all the best.

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    • Mum’s health not good and NHS appointments slow. And just a whole heap of.. It quite hard to kerp up with blogging . Also not feeling very creative. No two days the same, no two hours the same. Waiting for heart consultationand that too by phone!!!!@ 😡 . Covid has messed things up in NHS. But all countries are the same I guess.

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