Appreciate Your Life

Appreciate your life and you will never feel empty.

Too often we see lack in our life. We see others have more. But, do we stop to appreciate what we have. Be grateful and appreciate your life.

Ask yourself

  • are you homeless, or in a refugee camp, or in a place where you have nothing?
  • Other’s have more. What are you wasting?
  • Money is needed for sure. But we know life is more than that. See the more, ask yourself what is the more?

See the abundance in your life not the lack.

Exercise 1

List 100 things from your baby days to now that you can appreciate and be grateful for.

Exercise 2

Daily write ten things in the morning and at night that you appreciate or are grateful for. Do thus as long as it takes for you value your life and see how full it is and how luck you are.


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23 thoughts on “Appreciate Your Life

  1. I have a nightly practice of writing in my gratitude journal before I go to sleep. There are some days when I want to skip because something bad happened, but I make sure I always find some little detail to record. The worst days are when it’s most essential to be grateful, I think.

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    1. Agree when the day is bad we really have to find things to be grateful for then it turns a bad day 👍. It also breaks the habit of negativity and not feeling worthy, or whatever it might be. And makes our cup full. Especially when we appreciate every baby step of our life

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