Thought for Today – What are you Thinking? Is it Helpful?

It’s not what you call me that makes me, me. It is what I think that MAKES me, ME.

Just a little thought for today.

Don’t get side tracked by what others may think of you, or what you perceive others maybe thinking of you. We are not defined by that.

We often put too much weight on what other’s may think of us, or overreact to a passing comment.

It is so important to get our thinking and feeling right. Because that leads us to a positive and contented life, free of dramas that we might be creating due to an internal mis-understanding.

Be mindful of your own perceptions that might be clouding your view point and your response. And, so what if someone calls you something. It is not your issues it is theirs! Just don’t listen. Think the three monkeys ” See no” , “Hear no” , ” Speak no”, and I add one more “think and feel no”.

It is up to me to manage my thoughts, thinking and feelings.

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