Missing In Action

So on the 19th May 2021 I wrote a post that I was slowing down. I didn’t want to slow down as I wanted to a follow-up or two on my “Lets Get Inspired” series where I was interviewing fellow blogger of WordPress.com asking them about their journey and their tips. It was and is a fantastic resource for all us bloggers, whether we are new or experienced bloggers. I have created a ‘menu item’ and a ‘category’ called “Let’s Get Inspired” so you can easily read /search all interviews. I interviewed 12 bloggers in total so there is something for every blogger. I will also link them down below here because they are such great interview. I hope to at some point, do the follow up posts on these. BUT.

Why have I been Missing in action

I have been blogging since March 2016 and have taken many a blogging break, as all bloggers do. But, I always kept checking with fellow blogger and their wonderful post. But, this time I just haven’t been able to engage as much as previous blogging breaks. Many blogging breaks have been due to work and life. You know, you have been there.

This time, I have no job, so one would think I have time. But, Life. Life has been something and still is something that requires me to adjust several times a day. I still carry on my daily meditations, spiritual reading, and progress. The days go so fast. I know I am not alone. Many of you have loved ones who’s health is not good – who have serious health conditions that need proper care and regular visits. But, our countries health services are under pressure that our loved ones are not getting the care they would pre-covid. So for their quality of life and our love for them, we adjust our life. My mum’s health is not good. Appointments keep getting cancelled and it seems health care is unreachable at the moment and totally unhelpful. One feels yes health care is under pressure. But, there is and I have seen a bit of “naughtiness” and I feel saddened by this, as it doesn’t help us. Anyway…

So this the main reason you are seeing less of me on WordPress.com.

Coming back to Blogging

I am trying to slowly get back into blogging and reading your wonderful post. I won’t be able to promise a schedule of blog post to yourself or myself, I need life to be fluid. But, I definitely want to return to my blogging content and reading your blogs.

Gosh, WordPress.com have been so busy upgrading the block editor, I will have to do more how to video’s, it has changed so much – for the better I might add.

Anyway – I am slowly coming back.


I am slowly trying to share meditations again, a lot of you love.

I have a meditation page you can access from the menu. Under that menu you can find posts linking to meditations, benefits of meditation, and within that menu you can find the 31 day Meditation Challenge which I ran earlier this year. You can tap into this challenge anytime and use it to find your daily dose of peace.

OR if you want to be prompted to do the challenge, I am running it again in July; but this time it will only be on my Blog’s Facebook Page, because I don’t want to bombard the blog again with the same meditation challenge. But, I know how important it is to meditate daily, because no matter how hard life gets, I don’t stop meditating. Therefore, I want to keep supporting you all. The meditations I share are NOT my creation and are from the Release Your Wings YouTube channel.

Blogging Inspiration from other bloggers.

Below is the “let’s Get Inspired” I ran earlier this year (as mentioned above), It is a wonderful resource for all of us, and you get to know your fellow bloggers.


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  1. You are right here in our heart even when you have to be away for a while dear kind friend💛 it feels good to know that you are continuing with your meditations and reading spiritual reading – that faith is the engine that keeps us going. Hoping and Wishing lots of ease and support come your way in caring for your mom’s health. These are tough times indeed in terms of medical care. Take care and look forward to reading from you all that comes fluidly. I am myself training to live more and more fluidly, while balancing some required consistency in some things.

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  2. I’m so sorry to hear your mum’s appointments have been cancelled and she’s not getting the healthcare she needs from the service providers Bella. It’s a true blessing you are there for her and we hope you will get more support soon. I don’t know whether there’s a charity or support group where you can find some help and guidance too. Thinking of you at this time and sending strength and love 💜🙏 xxx

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  3. Life has become all topsy turvy from the time the Corona Virus entered our World and as you have so rightly said, Bella we all have gone through some kind of displaced in our lives. Many and many people have lost their jobs and doctors and hospitals have become impossible to go for medical ill health. Hope mom’s health improves. Here in Mumbai we have doctors who are now seeing patients with no cancellations at least. But keep positive all this shall too pass. Stay blessed and take care dear.

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  4. HI Bella, I am so sorry to hear about your mother and the poor treatment she is currently receiving. I am experiencing exactly the same with my dad who went into heart failure 9 days ago. It is very difficult to be left all alone with medications and google to try and manage as best you can with the care. Hugs.


  5. We’ve all been there – where Life takes over and you need to go with the flow if you want to survive. Wishing you strength to handle all that life throws at you. Thank you for sharing blogging tips through interviews. I’ll check them.

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  6. I believe many bloggers go through a period of being away from the world of blogging. Life outside of blogging can often take over, demanding more intention. What we shouldn’t do, though, is feel bad for not always being here.
    Take your time. Do what needs to be done. Your readers will be here waiting for your return.
    Having taken several blogging breaks, I can guarantee they are excellent for both physical and mental health.

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