How to Schedule Blog Post on Your Facebook Page for Free.

Why would you want to Schedule Post on blog’s Facebook Page?

We may have written a post months, or years ago that is evergreen and useful, that we want to share again. We can Repost it on our blog and have it feed directly onto our Facebook page. Or you can just share it on Facebook manually, or spend a bit of time scheduling it directly on Facebook

In terms of time management, scheduling is a great way of being on Facebook on the days you are not blogging. Batching posts to be scheduled in Facebook is a great way to do this and save time.

Our relationship with Facebook might be like Marmite – we either love it or not. But, Facebook has a reach when it comes to advertising our work on social media.

For you to be able to schedule your blog post on Facebook you need to have a Facebook page (well this is my understanding).

Below is a YouTube Video I have created that show you how this can be done in about 5 steps – Yes it is that easy.


How To Schedule Your Blog Post on Your Facebook Page for Free

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You can also schedule post to Twitter for Free using Tweetdeck


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7 thoughts on “How to Schedule Blog Post on Your Facebook Page for Free.

  1. Well Hello Hello.
    It has been a very long time since I have had the chance to stop over to your page but I notice it does look different since the last time I visited! I like it and good job! I hope all is well with you and sorry I was gone for so long — seems like forever since I have had the chance to sit down on my computer and actually write a blog post and then take the time to visit old blog buddies to see how they are keeping up with everything. I hope to get back into the routine again, one day at a time but I appreciate the fact you still follow me & never left! means well.



    1. Shay-lon hello. I totally understand it is hard to keep up with everyone and I certainly struggle. I am trying to make the blog better. But, haven’t been properly blogging for a few weeks now, life is just a bit. It is lovely to speak to you and I wish you the best of luck on your business venture. Yes one day at a time with blogging is my motto too

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      1. Haha! I appreciate the fact that you have stayed and kept up on my blog. Seriously even after I was gone for so long, it means you actually enjoyed my writing and I have enjoyed mine. You will be proud, I have taken up meditation 😀 I hope to make a meditation tab for that at some point, so you can see! I am just happy you are doing alright my friend.


      2. Well done on the meditation. I have meditation tab on my blog – it has 31 day challenge on there too (which i am currently re-running on my blog). I love your writing and your blog. I am glad you are well. You are one of my Oldie Goldie bloggers and as long as you blog and I blog I will certainly pop by – just that i might be a bit inconsistent cause life.!

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