Why do you need a Separate email list (Mailchimp)?

Why do WordPress.com users need a separate email list?

In 2018 I did a series on Blogging and Blogging terminology. One of the posts was on MailChimp.

I did some research at the time and concluded that as a WordPress.com blogger, I don’t need to have a separate email list such as MailChimp because I already have followers and email list provided via WordPress.com and also I have nothing to sell.

It has been a few years now, and as someone who herself has subscribed to a few email lists, I can see the total value of them and how beautiful they can be and simple. The email lists I subscribe to are so wonderful and useful, and I want to provide the same.

Benefits of an Email List Software

I can see the benefit of having a separate email list via MailChimp or any other email capturing tool. Which in short is a list of people who you can keep interested in your work, your business, who get exclusive content, who can be the first to know about products, books, services you want to sell at some point in the distant or immediate future, and much more.   

As all WordPress.com bloggers know, we may have many followers on our blog, but we only have a handful of loyal followers who connect and comment on our blog posts.

These loyal followers on WordPress.com may wish to join our email list to support us and know what we are up to. Additionally, an email list external to WordPress.com allows us to capture your followers’ emails on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media sources who want to know more about us.


Be careful of Data Protection Rules

Having an external email, be it MailChimp or another software, allows us to have a different fan base that will enable us to run a marketing campaign. But, HERE, we have to BE CAREFUL only to capture essential data of people and ONLY use it for WHAT we said we would use it for, ensuring we comply with GDPR – data processing rules.

Advantages of Mailing Software

The advantage of using mailing software is it allows you to send a welcome email to those who subscribe or unsubscribe to the email list. And of course, it will enable us to run email campaigns. Those campaigns allow us to sell, provide the service, and more.

I believe it is as simple as that.


Why Use MailChimp?

MailChimp offers a free account for the first 2000 a single email list.

MailChimp has integrations with Facebook and WordPress, and a lot more.

You can use MailChimp to create landing pages. A landing page helps you capture emails. You can create an integration – which is what happens when someone subscribes to your email list, or when they unsubscribe.

With the free MailChimp you get one Audience list (email list).

But you may need more than one (audience list), for that you need to upgrade to a paid account. The reason to have multiple list is when you are offering different things to different people. Meaning, when you capture their email address and name, you say to them they will et ABCD, and the other list will get ZXY. Therefore, as a “Data Controller /User” you have to ensure do not over email market and keep the promise you made for the different lists. I hope that makes sense.

I have a Mailing List Finally

On that note, I have finally created a MailChimp List. I would be so grateful if you would signup to the email list. You can join with the simple link on this post below. I understand if you do NOT wish to subscribe – that is totally fine.

What will you get for signing up to the Thoughtsnlifeblog.comΒ Newsletter is :-

  • a post that is written exclusively for those on the email list
  • a regular email on everything positive,
  • Tools that I use for blogging, or scheduling, or how to create an email campaign.
  • what new exciting things I am up to,
  • my writing journey, for example – my attempt at drafting my first book ever (non-fiction),
  • my life journey, and much more.

All of which I hope you will find interesting.

I mean monthly, bi-weekly, or every six weeks, or when something fascinating is about to be announced. The point will be I won’t bombard you! But, I will provide you with something unique that is not on my social media.

Thank you for supporting me and joining my newsletter (email list).

By clicking submit, you agree to share your email address with the site owner and Mailchimp to receive marketing, updates, and other emails from the site owner. Use the unsubscribe link in those emails to opt out at any time.

Thank you so Much I really appreciate your support.

Photo by Torsten Dettlaff on Pexels.com

58 replies

  1. hey thoughtsnlifeblog,

    very interesting world you have wrote , actually i am digital marketing expert. i want know email marketing unique idea through blog and other content thank you again for sharing this article.
    i going to share something about email marketing, you have to read this blog , this blog i wrote myself on myemailverifier website best tips for building email list

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  2. I used to subscribe to lots of newsletters and mailing lists, but I’ll be honest and say I only ever read a small amount of them. I never could find the time to read them, so I’ve now unsubscribed from most of them, especially because they were trying to sell me something I often did not want.

    I also dislike the mailing list/subscribe to my newsletter popups on blogs that hide part of the post you’re reading, which keeps popping up every time I visit the same blog. There never seems to be an option to say ‘no thank you – please do not ask me to sign up to your newsletter again,’ so that popup does not keep popping up asking me to sign up.

    I’ve written about things that annoy bloggers and reasons why people unfollow blogs, and popups always came near the top of the list.

    However, I can understand why you’re looking at creating a mailing list, Bella. And I know lots of other bloggers who do the same, many of which have had a lot of success with them. So whilst I won’t be signing up for your newsletter, I wish you much success with it.

    P.S – I hope there is a way for you not to have those annoying sign-up popups on your blog that readers can not get rid of unless they sign up. I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh don’t worry no annoying pop-ups. I don’t know how they work and I can’t make them work. Additionally, I think I need to have a business account on wp to do that. So you are safe. And even if I knew how to do the pop-ups I would not do them because I don’t like them either and I would not want to annoy my readers /followers

      It is just something I have wanted to do for ages.

      I can’t even be sure I will keep it up. But it’s fun learning something new even if is free. Let’s see how it goes and what I learn.
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts and I totally get it.

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  3. I have been wanting to do this for very long and not yet seem to find the alignment or time. It will come when it will come for me πŸ™‚ I am very happy to be on your list!! There is some problem and I cannot see the link to sign up. I will check back from my laptop tomorrow.

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  4. I don’t see the point of email lists unless you have a product to sell. And if you do… quite frankly, I’m not interested. I like WordPress because it enables folks to ‘follow’ those who provide content that is of interest to me… and if my visitors aren’t interested in what I might have to say, then I don’t blame them for not ‘following’ me. I trust the WordPress mission ‘to make the web better’; I have far less trust in other systems, especially when they purport to offer a ‘free’ service (I’m no mug, nobody does anything for ‘free’: TANSTAAFL — who else are these people selling my data to?).

    So, no, I won’t be signing up for your ‘mailchimp’ system, I’m sorry to say.

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