Plain Text or HTML?

Some of you may have noticed that I have created a newsletter via MailChimp – if not read here!

The first major Mailchimp learning

is “if you want the graphics” to appear on the body of the email, the language has to be HTML and not Plain Text.

Believe me it makes a difference, as those who have received my first every newsletter will let you know. I spent hours on a beautifully crafted newsletter, to be so stupid and send it as plain text!

So my poor subscribers got a rather ugly newsletter, followed by a pretty one (round 2). Annoying, especially when I said I would not bombard them with emails. To my early subscribers, thank you for bearing with me.

But, now I am wiser. So I invite you join the ThougthsnLifeBlog Newsletter the Link is below. All you need to do is enter your email, and click subscribe.

Success! You're on the list.

The purpose of this newsletter is to share something:

  • Exclusive
  • Positive and Inspiring,
  • My writing journey, for example – my attempt at drafting my first book ever (non-fiction),
  • My blogging and social media journey and the new tools I am using.
  • My life journey, and much more.

The schedule will be a bit ad-hoc, meaning it could be every six weeks, monthly, bi-weekly or when I have something to announce.  And, of course, I will not bombard you with emails (Unless I mess up). 

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