How to deal with Frustration without loosing it!

We will find ourselves in situations where we get frustrated, but we can’t speak, because we have to maintain a relationship and be diplomatic. But, we need to veeeennnt!

We all have people in our connections who are just, just, just so so so!

The question is how do we keep our inner peace, keep the relationship without a full blown argument, even when we feel it justified?

Or let us say, we let out a bit of frustration at the other, because they are just so unbelievably xyz, and we know we shouldn’t because this person is known for this behaviour.

How do we vent privately, quietly, quickly and laugh?

I came up with this technique when I was working somewhere, about may be 10 years a go.

I use it to vent, to deal with worry, fear and so much more.

It seems silly, and this is the reason it works. You will be fixed in no time and you will be laughing to.

I have another blog post called Be Light and Easy you can read, that will help you deal with worry, fear,and venting

The technique.

Get a pen and paper and write ahhhhhhaaaaahhhhhhhhh three times or more, then shred that piece of paper. And you will be fixed in no time and you will laugh too.

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30 thoughts on “How to deal with Frustration without loosing it!

  1. Indeed. Acknowledging our frustration and related emotions, as they arise, is important. Inside of this acknowledgment, we can then look to techniques, such as you’ve outlined to move through them. I’ve never seen the technique you write about. High utility. Nice post, my friend.

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