How to Manage Your Comments Easily and Smartly.

Hi Fellow users,

I created this ‘How To’ video which first appeared on the August Newsletter and my Youtube Channel about three to four weeks ago. You may wish to subscribe to the Newsletter or the Youtube channel to be one of the first to get exclusive videos hot of the press.

The Video

In this video I demonstrated several ways you can manage your comment on We all love comments, and engaging with our tribe/readers it is so much fun. Comments make blogging fun. However, comments take time. So I hope that this video helps you look at different ways you can manage your comments. Or at least it gives different options.


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33 thoughts on “How to Manage Your Comments Easily and Smartly.

    1. Oh what a wonderful opportunity and offer. I would love to. But I have just had to admit my mum to hospital and I don’t know where things will go. So may be in a weeks time life might be normal. So I can try then. If you don’t hear from.please chase me. And what topic would you like , I read your steps in the link, but did you have anything in mind. ? Regards bella

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  1. fascinating Bella, I use all 3 ways to manage my comments … so nice to know I’m across that! But I cannot ‘like’ any comments from WP admin, only from the drop column. And my ‘discussion’ looks completely different, I don’t have a fraction of your choices .. could this because I’m still using ‘classical’ editor?

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      1. ha we are in strict lockdown for ages now as delta burns our capital, I live alone 😦
        And frankly if I had access to a young one I wouldn’t bother you with so many questions … I’ll play around and see what I can find. Always figure I can’t do much damage but was a shock to find such a vastly different presentation!

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      2. doubtful as the cases increase ppl are becoming super complacent .. govt needs to try the ‘soft’ approach as this way is failing miserably as the number of infections clearly show!

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      3. Oh dear. We all use to think Australia really did it so well. Whilst we were in lockdown after lovkdown Australia was free. But the lockdown is not everywhere in Australia is it? We aren’t in lockdown but things aren’t full open, and we are still careful. But I don’t know if we in the UK are doing it right either. Stay safe and happy Kate. Love bella

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      4. NSW and Victoria are the largest states and they are in strict lockdown for months now … Melb has had 6 or 7 lockdowns with only a few days to a week in between! thanks Bella 🙂

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      5. ha ha, found your screen when I clicked on ‘screen options’ at the top of ‘discussion’ page … brings a whole new perspective to the matter! Thanks for showing me 🙂

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      6. aha the ‘like’ button in WP comment section was also on another screen ‘option’ … it may take me longer than most but I will eventually get there! Really appreciate all your help with improving my tech skills Bella! Kudos 🙂

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