This is why I have Been Missing

The story is long. The journey still being travelled.

The story is long and quite disturbing, disgusting and unbelievable.

The reason I have been missing here on my blog, is that my mum got admitted into hospital after an appointment on the 31st August. On the 1 sept 2021 she had a stent operation in her heart. A stent operation is common so we were not worried. But the post operation steps went wrong. Because they didn’t do something right Mum has a hematoma from her right groin all upto her back. She was allowed to bleed from the end of the operation roughly 4pm to 11.30pm. I wasn’t allowed to visit ( covid restrictions). The nurses ignored her calls for help and all my phones calls. They said she is stable, we have another emergency. Mum became an emergency on 1st Sept 11.30pm because they wouldn’t do anything earlier. Then on the 2nd Sept 2021 at 4.30am I rang up to see how she was. They tell me she is critical! After 2 units of blood and lots of rushing she was saved.

I was not able to see her, drop her food, nothing. It was only when she was out of ccu on the Sunday 5th Sept I could drop her food and still I could not see her. Only in the last four days I was able to visit her. She is home now, but the recovery is long and the hematoma will take a long time to heal. She gets tired quickly. And I am a bit exhausted.

Mum was discharged on the 17th September 2021 and we are still adjusting to life.

And the hospital still haven’t said sorry.

In all this I have kept meditating and my spirituality reading and studying. That is the only thing that gives strenght.

I will be blogging etc a bit slowly as I get used a new life. Hopefully in a few weeks or months mum will regain strength.

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56 thoughts on “This is why I have Been Missing

  1. wow Bella I read this just after you posted it and thought I’d commented … most unusual for me not to but guess I was cussing the system for such cruel negligence! Our medical system is not for the faint hearted … so many go in for one thing and come out with another. It’s plain wrong and I’ve no idea how we can improve the institution meant to save lives who continues to damage them … as if your mother didn’t have enough going on!

    So I am deeply sorry for both your suffering but sadly not surprised …

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      1. a stent is very ‘ordinary’ in the scheme of things … my own mother had a triple bypass and then a pacemaker then lived an active long life! It’s the infections and complications that the hospital insists on doling out that are the jolly nuisance 😦

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      2. Oh your mum and my mum heart conditions are almos the same. Mum has a triple bypass, dual pacemaker, now a stent. At some point it will be a 3 lead pacemaker. I am lost for words when it comes to hospitals. Because it depends on the hospital and the type of clinic. We are having good experiences in two other clinics one is the same hospital group and the other another hospital. But what happened to mum was at a so called reputable teaching hospital.

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      3. ha and I do believe the ‘student’s’ get to have a try … I suspect one did my double mastectomy as they left a very uncomfortable lump of lard under my left arm. Medicos said they’d repair it but I declined another visit to their butcher shop!

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  2. This is very very sad to read, so not acceptable about how the hospitals handle our precious human lives and sentiments – so casually and callously. This is difficult. Sending you heartfelt wishes for strength, resilience, endurance and as much ease possible moving forward. Healing and Prayers and Positive outcomes only.

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  3. Hi Bella, I am so very sorry to read this. Doctors never warn patients [or their mothers, in my case] of the things that can go wrong with operations. You and I have both been through a terrible recent experience where the life of a loved one has been in danger due to some sort of neglect during a fairly routine procedure. I can’t recall if you read my post about Michael and his procedure on 15 September but he has also been very ill for nearly two weeks and things are still not okay. I hope you mother will keep improving and go from strength to strength. Sending healing thoughts and prayers to you.

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    1. Sending you prayers for Michael and yourselves. I am honestly unaware of the hardships and neglect poor Michael has gone through.
      Sending Micheal and you all love and healing vibes.

      The neglect of mum and her bleeding, she asked for help, I could only phone as I was not allowed in. It was an awful experience awful, never felt so helpless and useless. I failed to make anything happen for her. Yes, day by day little steps of progress.

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  4. Really sorry to hear this Bella, I wish you the best in this time and your mum a speedy recovery.

    If you haven’t already it might be worth putting in a complaint. I don’t know the effectiveness as it varies from trust to trust, but could help set-off an enquiry, or at minimum an apology.

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  5. Oh my goodness, Bella. I’m so sorry to read this post. How horrible. I’m so glad you are meditating and reading your spiritual pieces. Important. Sending you and your mum all my strength and love.❀️

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  6. Very sad and what negligence on the part of the staff and hospital, Bella. Good she is home now. Praying for her getting well and you too take care of yourself and stay safe. It is nice to keep on what you too are doing or you would be getting crazy with what is happening with your mother.

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