Thought for Today – Be Kind To Yourself

Be kind to yourself
Don’t be too harsh on yourself.
Show yourself some love.
Show yourself some mercy.
Show yourself some compassion.
Just be.
Just be.
Just be that little person playing for ages with that non-toy, that just kept you engaged and engrossed for hours, days and weeks.
Just be the little you, safe and sound, free and easy.

Be kind to yourself, humble, peaceful and patient.

Be kind to yourself

Love yourself in compassionate way. The way you take care of others.

Be Kind to yourself.

Knowing how to be kind to yourself is self mastery.

*by non-toy I mean, that kitchen utensil, or if you where like me – I used to make mud cakes. You know what I mean.

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  1. Why is being kinder to ourselves harder than anything?? Why do we make a distinction between ourselves and other people? Why do we feel like it’s okay to be bad to ourselves? And yes I knew what you meant by non-toy 🙂 My parents tell a story of how I spent one Christmas playing with a little wooden mallet instead of my actual presents.

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