Meditation Commentary – On Peace


This is my favourite meditation, I meditate with this every day. 

Flowers radiate their beauty and share their perfume with the world peacefully and elegantly.  They do this not show the world, look how beautiful I am, they do this just because.  To create harmony in my life and the world, I need to be a flower.  My beauty and my fragrance is my peace, purity, sweetness, compassion and kindness of character.  Use this mediation to fill yourself with peace so that you can share it with yourself and the world.

Meditation helps us re-discover our self and our inner peace.


I hope you enjoy this Meditation.  

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27 thoughts on “Meditation Commentary – On Peace

      1. Are you looking to self publish an E book on kindle? Or you looking to create an Ebook, that you could upload to your blog. or send to people via email? Depending what you want to do, the response is different.

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      2. Okay Sweet Kate. It is easy. Write it in word and save as a pdf. I think this will be the easiest option for you. You can add photos in word. Or you can do a pretty job on canva, again save as pdf. Let me know if you want my help further.

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      3. I think If it were me, then it should be enough for people to enjoy, savour, and treasure. Not too much, not too little. As for how much , we’ll, I always think, if I were to receive something, how much would I want? I think as you create it , you will naturally know this is enough, or this is too little, or this is to much As you do it, it will feel right. Enjoy it, it is fun. Remember I have a video on how to use canva in a basic way.

        Hope that helps, let me know if I can further help.


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      4. wow perfect, I will look it up, hadn’t realised, thanks!

        You are doing ‘graphics’ as a business … not really sure what you mean by graphics but would designing a book cover be included under this? I’d like to involve you in some way if you have the time and more than happy to pay?

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      5. Well I am self taught on canva. I would like to do it as a business or a way if earning some money. I would love to help. What times scales you looking at ? But maybe first you should look at canva and see what it can do. There are loads of templates which might be all you need.

        Anyway, Kate we can discuss more. I don’t charge much because I am self taught. But I have learnt a think or two.

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      6. ok will check it all out and get back to you but you’ve already helped me so much I feel like I should pay you something for all your talent and patience … self-taught is usually far more effective than tertiary learning πŸ™‚

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