Thought for Today – May Peace be with you.

May peace be with you.

or Should it be, May I be peaceful?

How do we find peace?

Does it come to us, as if by magic?

or, do I have to choose to be peaceful no matter what?

Do I have to learn to switch off the noise in my mind, thoughts and feelings?

Do I need to relax? Calm down? Stop obsessing over something or the other?

May peace be with you. Yes, it is a calming blessings. Accept it. Shower yourself with peace.

Bless yourself everytime you get a bit wobbly, upset, annoyed, or whatever the negative emotion. Say to yourself ‘may peace be with me’, breathe and sit still and quietly for sometime.

May peace be with you always. Accept the blessing and bless yourself each time you get upset.

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21 thoughts on “Thought for Today – May Peace be with you.

  1. A lovely post, dear Bella. It reminds me of the concepts on a post it on my bathroom mirror right now. One concept is compassion. We can all use more compassion for the self, just as we can, as you write, use more peace. May peace always be with you, my dear friend.

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