Smile Even If You Want To Cry


Smile even if you want to cry.
The saying goes, when you smile, the whole world smiles with you. When you cry, you cry alone.
Unfortunately, this is so true. You could have gone through the hardest thing in your life. You are getting on with your life. You are not asking for pity. Nor are you sinking in self pity.
Life is so fast paced. That people move on fast.
Whilst your body is broken and bruised, and it reminds you, hey there, go slow my friend.
So smile even if you wanna cry. Journal it out. Meditate. And that one nearest and dearest will support you.


NB: I wrote this on 5th Oct 2021 on my Instagram. I wanted to share it on my blog then, but I got side tracked as I do. I am definitely better now, than when I wrote this. But, it is still worth sharing here on my blog, for life is life, and it tests us so. Here is the backstory if you are interested.

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36 thoughts on “Smile Even If You Want To Cry

  1. I try and find something to laugh at in every situation, even if it’s bad. That’s what keeps me from going over the edge. But there’s always something in the present moment we are in that we can focus on, if only for a few breaths, and smile about, even just a flower or a breeze or memory.

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  2. Pragalbha says it well, we do need to cry but in trusted company who will comfort appropriately!

    I have been known to take the system on and had a few minor wins but overall they brand one a trouble-maker and next time it may be worse … take care precious πŸ™‚

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  3. I have found it necessary to allow all the crying that needs to come, it is very cleansing and healing bringing out all the grief there is. I made sure I used trusted support to be witnessed and comforted so I don’t stay in it too long …as you are right, sometimes just smiling becomes a way to come out of it.

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