Thought For Today – It is okay to have a Flat battery.

This image is from @snoppygrams on Instagram. See , I never grew up. I love snoopy and gang.

Patty, has a really great message for all of us. It is okay to say, not today, leave a message.

It is okay to feel that you can’t think and just be quiet.

It is okay not to be go go go.

It is okay to have a flat battery.

Take the time out to recharge, rejuvenate, let go and just be. Postpone the businesses make a note and do it tomorrow. Sometimes, it is okay.

image from Instagram @snoopygrams. Feature image from pexel.


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30 thoughts on “Thought For Today – It is okay to have a Flat battery.

  1. This is wonderfully empowering advice, dear Bella. It took me a long, long, time to stop the running and recognize that’s it’s not only okay to stop, let go of the plan for the day, and do something different, it’s needed and necessary. Is a powerful space. A lovely post, my friend.

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