Self Respect

Be seated on your seat of self respect.

be stable.

be sure.

when we are upset we have lost our seat of self respect.

So don’t get upset, reset yourself, on your seat of self respect.

remind yourself.

I am good. I am strong. I am capable. I am valuable. I am great. I am calm. I am brave. I can do this. I am me and being me is good. I am kind. I am well.

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copyright ©️ 2021

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    • Very true. When we do a lot of inner work we can earn self respect from our self. As for others, maybe a like mind person. We should always do right by others, but we can’t guarantee they will respect us; because if someone needs to hate us they will no matter how good I am, and maybe one day they might click.

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  1. You give such assuring and comforting resets to our system with your post. I love how you began – be stable, be sure, be seated with self respect – so effectively calibrates a calm positive attitude and posture from within.

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