A random post

A random post, this is actually an editted comment, I made on a fellow bloggers post. In that post the blogger was discussing where they are from and which country they identify most with. Which lead me to this comment which i thought I would share here.

Where ever I lay my hat, that’s my home.

I had someone once say to me I must be confused as indian living in London. I was confused alright, I was confused by the odd question. My response was I am Bella, nothing to be confused about.

My point is, we are who we are, and no country , or colour or anything else defines us. Our tastes and personality change so many times in a year, never mind a life time.

We are what our hearts sings and our heart is forever changing.”

Actually, I am British by birth, born in Kenya. Came to London when I was 4. I am a Londoner, this is my home, this where my heart sings. There are countries and towns where my heart sings, but my heart sing the most here.

I don’t identify with anything in terms of country, colour, even religion. I identify with being a good Soul, a good human being, character, values and morals. I do my best, I don’t always succeed, but I keep trying daily to be the best human being I can be, the best Soul I can be. I do believe in God and Goodness; and being good. Honesty, truth, integrity, purity, peace, clean and clear hearted. Inside and outside the same..


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52 thoughts on “A random post

  1. I agree with you! Both my sons are born and raised in US, look fully Indian – such a question would absolutely confuse them as this is their country, their home. It is very important we see each other for who we are as individuals, the values we bring, and not focus on labels.

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    1. So true. We naturally identify to the country we live the most,. My mum has lived in 3 countries and the UK is the longest she has lived anywhere. I just know London. I have often gone on holiday and to myself could i live here? Also, in the UK I couldn’t just live anywhere.

      But the point is; see the person, the character?, the heart.

      Thank you always for a lovely comment. I think whilst you commented I added a bit more to the end. I hit publish way to quickly on my posts

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