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A random post, this is actually an editted comment, I made on a fellow bloggers post. In that post the blogger was discussing where they are from and which country they identify most with. Which lead me to this comment which i thought I would share here.

Where ever I lay my hat, that’s my home.

I had someone once say to me I must be confused as indian living in London. I was confused alright, I was confused by the odd question. My response was I am Bella, nothing to be confused about.

My point is, we are who we are, and no country , or colour or anything else defines us. Our tastes and personality change so many times in a year, never mind a life time.

We are what our hearts sings and our heart is forever changing.”

Actually, I am British by birth, born in Kenya. Came to London when I was 4. I am a Londoner, this is my home, this where my heart sings. There are countries and towns where my heart sings, but my heart sing the most here.

I don’t identify with anything in terms of country, colour, even religion. I identify with being a good Soul, a good human being, character, values and morals. I do my best, I don’t always succeed, but I keep trying daily to be the best human being I can be, the best Soul I can be. I do believe in God and Goodness; and being good. Honesty, truth, integrity, purity, peace, clean and clear hearted. Inside and outside the same..


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52 thoughts on “A random post

  1. This is absolutely beautiful and what matters is being a good soul. This line, We are who we are, and no country , or colour or anything else defines us’ makes me relate to being an Indian based abroad. It’s a topic that I would love to write about and I’d say passport or border don’t define us but who we are! Glad to be here from Kate’s blog.

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    1. Passports are created, as mankind divided the earth into countries, thereby created boarders. But, in creating division of physical boarders we created division in our minds and hearts. Instead of thinking we are one family, sisters and brothers, a coat of many colours, that all human beings are one family, we have created division in hearts and minds. Where there is division there can’t be love. There is mine and yours. It is an awful spiral. But if we change our minds and hearts, we change ourselves and slowly unity will come again bring Harmony. Thanks for visiting from Kate’s blog. Thanks for you wonderful thoughts in here. Have a great weekend

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      1. Thank you. Also nice to speak to you. Enjoy your weekend, writing your novella. I read your posts about coffee shops, writing, covid. I am attempting to write non fiction. And I don’t classify myself a writer or reader. I started and stopped so many times, pre covid, during covid.. And what I say to myself is: when at uni or at work, we don’t actually have a choice we have to submit the work. And sometimes I will be in the mood and sometimes not. The times I am not, is where you just have to start, with baby steps. Once started the motivation comes, with or without a coffee shop. I hope I make sense. Go for a walk see the people get the vibe, and create your vibe in the place you stay. All the best with your novella

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  2. A better question for all human beings is, do you ever feel confused living on planet earth? I myself don’t really know much about places, I’ve never lived further than a mile from where I am now and I’ve never gone on a vacation anywhere, so I have nothing to compare. I live in a very diverse place, so I don’t think too much about that stuff, either. I guess I identify most with my faith and thinking about the spiritual world, because that transcends the earthly one. That probably sounds pretty weird.

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    1. Not weird at all. I too identify with spirituality. And you are right the question should be what is our purpose as human beings? My understanding is, we are Souls , a point of light. Our home as souls is the land of peace, as a point if light. We come and take a body to express our self and experience life. We are good by default but rebirth as humans makes us get vices of anger , greed, ego, lust., attachment etc.. we then forget we are Souls and think we are bodies. The soul is eternal.

      Now that might sound weird or interesting?

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      1. I’m Catholic, so I believe that when we die, our soul moves on to meet God, and then at the end of history (which can’t come fast enough as far as I’m concerned), our bodies will be resurrected. I don’t think much about that last part, though. Mainly I look forward to my soul getting peace.


  3. a profound statement of who you are, we are all unique individuals but there is so much common ground. I know I was most confused when someone asked where my black friend was … I said I don’t have a black friend. They meant my Londoner friend who is so cockney, her father was Nigerian …

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  4. Lovely post. Yes, people do that. That is what they see. If there’s time, they will get to see your spirit and not just the shell we show. So I hope there’s always time.
    I don’t think they do it to be mean, it’s just that they are too set in their beliefs and ways of doing life.
    And if there’s no time, just send them a prayer and go on your merry way. You know who you are: that’s all that matters.
    Lovely post. Thanks for sharing your wonderful thoughts and your world.
    Be well. I wish you miracles.

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      1. I always believe people meet other (people) at the level they exist in their enlightenment.
        I like to think of children for this explanation as children only see at the (still immature) level they are. As they grow older they become wiser and see more into the world.
        Some adults are stunted— many reasons for this. That’s the immature enlightenment level under which they operate.
        Let’s wish them well anyway.
        This is just how I see this, sometimes annoying, human behavior.
        When you know better, you behave better. And until then… well until then, you survive on the kindness of strangers. Let’s be those kind strangers.
        I’m no guru. I just have great hopes for the human race. I pray we will all evolve in such a way that we see beyond our outer shells.
        We are small spirits with bodies.
        I still adore your lovely post. I’m just trying to add my take. Not saying you’re wrong or anything. You say it as it happened to you. You are right!
        Have a lovely rest-of-the-year.
        Thanks for wishing me miracles. I know you have a lovely soul. I bless you. xoxo

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      2. I love your view point and it adds to the conversation.

        I been are immortal souls, points if light, maybe you can say spirit. We take bodies to express and experience. We are essentially good, but rebirth as humans makes us gain the vices, anger, ego, greed etc. As souls our home is the land of peace, where we sit as a point of light no body . We now wrong identify with the body.

        I shared this post really to see what the wp.com community think. And really to ask the question who are we and what do we stand for?

        You too have a great rest if year. Thanks again for sharing your thoughts here, for all to read and engaging in. Maybe even implement in life.

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  5. I agree with you! Both my sons are born and raised in US, look fully Indian – such a question would absolutely confuse them as this is their country, their home. It is very important we see each other for who we are as individuals, the values we bring, and not focus on labels.

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    1. So true. We naturally identify to the country we live the most,. My mum has lived in 3 countries and the UK is the longest she has lived anywhere. I just know London. I have often gone on holiday and to myself could i live here? Also, in the UK I couldn’t just live anywhere.

      But the point is; see the person, the character?, the heart.

      Thank you always for a lovely comment. I think whilst you commented I added a bit more to the end. I hit publish way to quickly on my posts

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