Let’s Review Our Year and Dream a New life

When we review our life, when we reflect on what we have done, what we have become, what went well, and what did not go so well. We learn so much more about our self. We appreciate our self, we acknowledge our story and we fall in love with our self.

We can change things we don’t like, we can become wise and not repeat the mistake again, and we can pat ourselves on the back and acknowledge how much we have achieved.

Some of Our achievements will be what we had planned to achieve, but, some of our achievements will be dealing with the unplanned.

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Reviewing the year is a positive activity. You don’t have to spend ages on it, it can be a quick exercise or you can do it over a few days.

The point is not to overwhelm you, but to fall in love with who you have become and how far you have come.

When we appreciate who we have become we can decide what we want the next year to look like, what we want to bring into the next year.  Which might be to simply carry on with what we are doing, but with more focus, drive, and determination. Or it might a set of small changes or some major life changes.

A review is a balance sheet, a profit and loss, a check-in how did my year go? A review is not just for work, but for my personal life. Have I become the person I want to become? A review is an act of kindness that acknowledges what was not in my control and yet I still managed. A review is honest and it is between you and you – time to be honest am I getting in my own way?


I have just spent a couple of hours over the weekend working through my worksheets and just reviewing my life and acknowledging all the good, bad and ugly that has happened. The review was good and even a bit painful. I even shed a tear or too. But, because I spread it over 4

I have created a little worksheet with eight questions and a couple bonus questions to help you review your year. If you wish to purchase it you can below ( I previously offered this for free, but now I offer it for the price of a small coffee).

2021 Review Your Year – 8 question and a couplde of Bonus Questions

Review Your Year – 8 question and a couplde of Bonus Questions A PDF Workbook will be sent your email address once purchased (within 2 days allow for international time zones). Please note once the pdf is sent via email, there is no refund. Please check your spam folder.


Thank you

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I believe that the thoughts we create impact our life greatly. If we are able to change our thoughts, redirect them, catch our negative thinking.We can change our life. Read my 'About' page to find out more about thoughtsnlifeblog.com

37 thoughts on “Let’s Review Our Year and Dream a New life

  1. Life really does get in the way of our plans. Which is why it’s good to reflect and ask these questions to look at what has been achieved and where we can go next…

    This year hasn’t been the best one for me but a review in September and now has reinvigorated me!

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    1. exactly – reinvigorate. i have had a terrible two years and this year well. I just did my review and vaguely did my goals and dreams – i feel better for it. But, now a days i don’t feel bad if i dont achieve my goals – because life sometimes just takes over.


      1. That’s exactly it, have to appreciate things don’t always go to plan because other priorities come up, key is to be compassionate with ourselves.

        And you’re welcome. Been using the mailing probably nearly two years as its a good way to keep the non wordpress users informed and other exclusive content, though I need to pick up my mailing list schedule.

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    2. I see you joined my newsletter, thank you and welcome. I am still figuring mailchimp out. I subscribed to it years ago and never properly used it. Until July 21. I am still figuring it out. I only use it monthly ish


  2. Not sure what’s worse, reviewing what didn’t go so well or not being able to remember the year. I look forward to your newsletter. I’m hoping to make a positive, constructive review so I can make improvements in 2022, I mean really accomplish something.


      1. I saw the newsletter and downloaded the worksheets. Thank you for sharing with your newsletter subscribers. We got a lot of work to do with reviewing lol. I like that you try new things and share the results. No other way to learn.

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  3. A lovely post, dear Bella. It’s so important to stand in the reality we see, however painful and wonderful that reality is. When we acknowledge, as you write, where we’ve come from and where we want to go, in that moment we’ve created the possibility of manifesting the future selves we already deem ourselves to be. Those are the moments where shedding a tear is needed and necessary, as is giving ourselves a big hug for all that we’ve accomplished thus far; for in this moment, and every moment, we are exactly where we are supposed to be, doing exactly what we are supposed to be doing. I love this post, my dear friend. I’m excited to see the worksheets too. Have a wonderful week, Bella.

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  4. Some of Our achievements will be what we had planned to achieve, but, some of our achievements will be dealing with the unplanned – I love how you said this. Your post is so rich in positivity and encouragement as always. I love and admire seeing all the new elements and products you are putting together. I have no doubt that many will benefit from the exercises, questions and your energy they receive from them.

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      1. I would gratefully welcome and honor anything you choose to add as part of your newsletter. I value your work tremendously. I also feel I have too much going on and might not be able to go through any exercises and such () I will definitely be looking closely at everything that comes in my inbox from you though.

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      2. There are no timeline or time limits on these things. I certainly don’t always get to do these in Dec. Or Jan. I do them all over the year, when ever they naturally fall or flow. Rarely do they flow in Dec or Jan. But sometimes they do. If I say honestly, I kinda do this once a month or week if life is stable. If life is mad then it is whenever. But I do it. It is the only way to I feel – aww look you have come far, you have so much to do, but you have done so much, oh your being lazy… this is my self talk.. lol

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      3. That is so wonderful and impressive 🙂 Thank you for sharing your self talk with me. I have always tended to shy away from anything routine like journaling, documenting, writing with a purpose of understanding. I commit to it if it is a requirement for some coursework etc. but personally tend to live free of any markings of year end, month end etc. just feel too much already asks for structure, can’t give any more :))) It is just how it is for me – good or bad in some ways, right or wrong in some ways, doesn’t matter. But as I said I will look at things if they come my way from the people of my choosing. I think that is why I enjoy your blog, it gives me a stability and structure inspiration that I don’t have in me much. You flow so easily with these things.

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      4. I am quite unstructured. I do all these things but in my random structured way. It us never the same time each year , day, or month. It is when my heart say okay feels right. But I do need to dream, I do need to take pen and paper, or word just to brain dump and make sense of the mess in my head. I thought I wasn’t going to bother thus year, but I am glad I did. I think I had too much in my head and heart, I feel a bit relaxed, even a bit healed.

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