Why Forgive

Forgiveness is the hardest thing to do. When the pain is unbearable, and hurt unstainable. The emotional pain is a relentless storm. To forgive, when hate, revenge, and anger seem to be right. Can we forgive? Why should we forgive? Nelson Mandela said when he left the prison gates, that if he doesn’t forgive, he will always be in prison. Forgiveness is the hardest thing when the pain is intolerable. But, not to forgive is self imprisonment. It takes a person of strength to forgive and see the bigger picture. It isn’t easy, but it is utterly necessary.

See this video below, it is quite powerful.. comment below what you think?


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28 thoughts on “Why Forgive

  1. Forgiveness is indeed a very powerful and equally challenging choice. Not just towards others but also forgiving ourselves for all the judgments we make on ourselves. Your post is truly enlightening and important reminder – it took me a long time to understand the beauty and intricacies of forgiveness and acceptance. It is so freeing to finally get it. That video is so absolutely powerful.

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    1. Again I agree with your every word. I. Think the video really widen the Soul to the levels of forgiveness there are -and how strong the person forgiving is within themselves and their understanding of cause and effect, being bound, harmony and letting go.

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  2. I’ve noticed a phenomenon where I think I have forgiven someone, but later on, I think about it more and realize and almost regret forgiving them – as if forgiveness makes me a pushover. I don’t know how to explain it and I don’t feel like this is healthy. But I don’t know how to put those thoughts and feelings out of mind.

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    1. I totally totally understand what your saying. In the video the lady said that she and family our bound to each other, through the pain. Pain us a negative bond, which will only get worse if we can’t let go , forgive and move on. That is the hard bit. And it doesn’t happen over night. It takes a bit of effort, and daily positive thoughts and vibes. Then one day a test paper will come, and from there we can gauge if we have more work to do. It does work and we can heal ourselves. In forgiving there us freedom. The feeling of being a pushover, walked over is tough. But, you aren’t. They may see you as, but inside you are strong. I have done a few post that I have called self mastery, for a month or so, of meditation, affirmations, gratitude and letting go. It works I know, I have done it. Search for them on my blog. Maybe I run them again in 2022? I am sure in the Jewish faith there must be stories of old about winning over evil, these play here too.

      Speak soon love bella


      1. Forgiveness is a value in Judaism too. But there’s always that gap between the values you should have and what you actually think and do during the day-to-da. I’m not condoning or defending, and one should always strive for better. Just acknowledging a reality

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      2. I couldn’t help but respond to this conversation. I understand how forgiveness even when practiced can become difficult to accept. My lesson has been to create boundaries around my well being and self respect, while forgiving in my mind, for my own sake. No negativity, all neutrality – but I define if I will continue the relation, at what distance. This is how I think we forgive and move on. Humbly sharing what I felt compelled to share ()

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  3. I’ve gotten better at forgiving other people and letting go. Being a heavy churchgoer for the last five or six years now, I’ve gained more of a transcendent perspective that this is just a material life, we are eternal souls, so in the grand scheme of things there’s no use in refusing to forgive, and besides, I don’t like it when others refuse to forgive me. Also, the affirmations about letting go of pain have helped a lot, just imagining breathing it out and letting it leave my body. As always, forgiving myself is the hardest.

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