2022 A Promise to Myself.


I write this little poem of thoughts to myself, a wish, a promise to myself. I walk into 2022 with a lot of unknowns, and stress. I will not be able to manage life if I am not calm and easy. I NEED to be calm, I need to promise myself… a few things. I feel this list will grow as 2022 unfolds. Let’s see if I keep with this promise, I will know when I have forgotten it because I will feel uneasy, I will struggle, I won’t be calm. I have written on a card to carry with me everywhere.

A promise to myself

Let me step into 2022 with ease and grace.

Let me adjust and adapt to the twists and turn that unfold.

Let me make myself so stable, with my daily routine, with physical exercise, good food, and most importantly spiritual exercise and food. Nurturing me, guiding me, creating enthusiasm daily to be better than yesterday. To grow so deep, so silent, so strong within, so serene.

Let me step into 2022 with grace and ease.

Let me maintain this grace and ease every day of my life.

Sure I may slip and trip. But if I promise to keep reviewing myself daily, I may catch, correct myself before days and weeks go by. Allowing me to check and change instantly, that my ease and grace be preserved, maintained and strengthened.

Let me step into 2022 with ease and grace. Let me maintain my inner silence and inner peace. A strength so serene, it is mine, it cannot be stolen. But, if I fail to polish it daily, it may tarnish, with dust and neglect.

So let me see if I can maintain this promise to myself.

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Copyright ©️ 2021 http://www.thoughtsnlifeblog.com


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