You are becoming the song of your heart.

My wish to you all; is to become the song of your heart, regardless of the obstacles in life. See them as stepping stones; become the beautiful flower, the beautiful song of your life.

Be beautiful. Become the song of your heart. Blossom into you. How beautiful you are. How beautiful you are. Make your life, your dream, sing your song.

You are becoming the song of your heart. How beautiful it is. How beautiful it is.


Song of your Heart by Snatam Kaur / Peter Kater


The Lyrics

Song of your Heart – Snatam Kaur / Peter Kater,

You are becoming the song of your heart,

how beautiful it is,

as the flower blossoms forth.

Feel the earth in your toes,

oh my child you’ll never know what tomorrow brings,

so sing, sing, sing!

Rise before the morning light

Let your soul take its flight God is with you listening

So sing, sing sing

Hand in hand we shall go

Through the grassy hills of gold See the hawk circling

We sing, sing, sing

You are becoming The song of your heart

How beautiful it is

As the flower blossoms forth.


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25 thoughts on “You are becoming the song of your heart.

    1. Hi Dear Robbie, Thank you. I can’t lie, things could be better for mum – thank god she is a stoic. I am glad you liked this post.
      The song is beautiful -I thought it appropriate to start a new year with ( i only heard ).

      I hope you and your family are well, and the holiday did the trick for you all. You really shared such great photos on instagram.

      Liked by 1 person

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