Meditation Wednesday – A Commentary on The Swings of Happiness

Whenever we sit on a swing, we are sent automatically to our childhood, where we were carefree, joyful, giddy with happiness and giggles, not a care in the world—lost in going as high as we can, jumping off in mid-swing, swinging standing up, or twisting ourselves round and round. Eventually, it is time to go home, and we are beaming with inner joy and naturally share it all around us.

In our life, we are always of service in some way to another human being. When we swing in the swing of happiness, we can serve from a place of deep joy, love, and our inner magnificence. Sometimes we can help freely like the little child, and sometimes it’s just too much.

To re-engage with our magnificence, the practice of silence and solitude is essential, as this allows us to see our virtues and gifts naturally within us. When we tap into our goodness daily, we can share them daily, making us happy and feel alive.

This beautiful meditation created by the ‘Release Your Wings’ Youtube channel (not my creations) takes you on the Swing of Happiness. I hope you enjoy it.


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15 thoughts on “Meditation Wednesday – A Commentary on The Swings of Happiness

  1. we are always of service in some way to another human being – this is true and beautiful. To be able to come at it from a place childlike cheer is such a gift. Silence and solitude are necessary to be able to cultivate that – very beautiful reminders!

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