January 2022 Newsletter is out

To those who are subscribed to the free newsletter is out for you to read – check your email boxes.

In today’s Newsletter, I talk about

  • My crazy January
  • A reflection of a three-day digital detox and an attempt of 8 hours of meditation for three days
  • A reflection by Quotes:    by Desmond Tutu and Thích Nhất Hạnh, who passed away within a few days of each other.  Also, sharing quotes by Martin Luther King to mark MLK day 17th Jan 22,  Anne Frank and Victor Frankl to mark International Holocaust day 27th Jan 2022.
  • Survey:  Just before Christmas I sent out a survey – which clearly was the wrong time to send out a survey as very few of you responded.
  • How to Link your blog post URL (or any URL) to your Instagram stories.
  • My Graphics Services

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If you want to learn more about Why I decided to create a newsletter click here to read the post about it ( I am still very new to creating newsletter via Mailchimp)

You can also click on the image below to read the January 2022 newsletter and I hope that after reading it you will subscribe and join in the fun.

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33 thoughts on “January 2022 Newsletter is out

  1. I like the letter and wish you told us more about the detox! I would get the shakes if I didn’t go online. The 8-hrs of meditation sounds very hardcore as well. That takes some massive concentration powers. Sorry to hear about your weird headaches. Hope you’re feeling better.

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      1. Okay. So for some reason I found it easy. I think it’s because the focus was on eight hours of meditation which was spread out through the day, and they provided themes and talks and readings for the day. I did reach for the phone a couple of times but it was easy to say no and not do it. I don’t know why it was so easy to do it over the three days. But now I am back to being on the phone too much. I sometimes manage not too.

        I think it was easy to do was because challenge of eight hours of meditation was more. Compelling.

        I don’t know if that is helpful .. 😕

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      2. I think the prize of eight hours meditation and the transformation that meditations brings naturally was so powerful that to digital detox was easy. But I did complete 8 hours any of the days. But a one day I got to 7 hours.

        I don’t know if that helps.

        Anyway next time I will try and do a better job of explaining. In the news letter.

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  2. Really enjoyed your newsletter … the link to your survey goes nowhere?

    Loved the quotes, I studied Victor Frankl’s book and have carried it with me for years. A remarkable man just like the two we’ve recently lost!

    I love digital detox, do it on a regular basis but then I’m not so attached 🙂

    Hope you and Mum have a swift and complete recovery 🙂

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    1. Yes Victor Frankl recently lost. I read his book too, but unlike you haven’t carried it around. I find it amazing how those who survived the Holocaust and their life, it is amazing.

      Digital detox was good. I am trying other detoxes too.

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  3. I’m happy to report that I’m now receiving the newsletter without issue. Very interested in the detox and mediation experiences. Looking forward to reading this coming week. Have a beautiful week, dear Bella.

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