How to Link A specific blog post to your Instagram Stories

In quarter 3 2021, Instagram finally created a facility that allows us to link a specific blog post to an Instagram Story, taking away the need for us to have 10k followers on Instagram to do this.

I have created a short video on how you can do this. This video assumes you know something about Instagram and Instagram Stories. Also, you need to make sure that you have your graphics for your story ready, as well the URL copied to make easier for you.

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Do you have trouble creating graphics?

Did you know I have a graphic service?

What makes me different to others, is that I am blogger, I know how hard it is to blog, and then create graphics for the blog post and social media. I know the pain of, the pain of the new block editor and that we all struggle for time.

I know that us bloggers feel a bit ummm another blogger trying to make money. Yes, I am another blogger trying to make money. I am also an unpaid carer. And I am not making that much money from adventure into graphics. BUT, that doesn’t mean I can’t create graphics, because I am creating graphics for my own blog. I am available if you need some help with your graphics.

Click here to find out more about my services. Note, all the work I have done so far is bespoke.


How to link our blog post to your Instagram story – video

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18 thoughts on “How to Link A specific blog post to your Instagram Stories

    1. Instagram only recently created it ( Oct 2021), others you need to 10k followers on Instagram to be able to something called swipe up.

      I actually added this to the Jan 2022 newletter. In the December newsletter I added screenshots , before blogging about it.

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      1. Ah, got it. I’m so inexperienced with Instagram, anything and everything is helpful. I don’t get that platform as well as Twitter. At any rate, as always, I appreciate your insights, Bella. They are always super helpful.

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