What is it I am trying to write?

I cannot Fly
But I can Try

Each baby step takes me closer
and closer to something
It inspires and creates hope and excitement within

It is scary and encouraging.
Confusing and overwhelming.
Rewarding and playful.

I feel nervous
Will it deliver
I get confused. Can I deliver?

What is it I am trying to write?
What is it I am trying to write?
What is the promise I am giving to the reader?
What is it?

I can not fly
But I can try.
Like a little bird, I step out for a short flight on my first flight.
Oh look I did it, Oh I can do some more.
How exciting!
and then Life.
Oh, man!
I start again two days later, on the same flight I did two days prior.

Will I get further than before?

Or do a circle like an Eagle.

But, unlike the Eagle, I can’t quite focus on what it is I am trying to write.

Full of ideas, wider and bigger than the Costco nearby. Confusing as an Ikea store. Too much choice, but you can’t pack it all in, your readers will trash you for overloading them!

Have I read too many books on writing? Have I done enough research?

Why do I keep stopping? Why am I getting in my own way?

I write this book for me, and for the future readers. I have been trying for two years.

Let this be the year – please.

Show up, be consistent, write, don’t worry about it all. Just write!

Your book is worth it, as your heart wants to write it, so don’t forget it.

You have shared a few blog posts on some of the topics you want to include in the book, and they are liked – so you have the proof there are readers for what you want to write.

Baby step by Baby Step (aka Bird by Bird).

I can fly, so high, I can focus and I can do this! And I Will

Just a quick note on this random poem/post. I started to write my first book draft, a non-fiction piece on 26th June 2020, in a notebook, then life happened, then I typed up some of it in 2021, and now after reading a lot of books on writing, and doing research reading, I am at it again. This time, I have hooked up with an accountability partner – I pray I get this book written. I have learnt a lot from all the reading I have done. I can see myself writing a lot, and editing a lot out.. But, I think it will be part of the course. But the thing is to show up every day regardless. Just sharing the feelings, I am feeling out there for no real reason, maybe to make you laugh! Oh Yeah, don’t be fooled by Costco and Ikea references, I have only been to Ikea three times in my life – confuses me each time. Costco – well again only a few times – oh man what else can I say! I am not a bird of prey – the Eagle reference just sounded like fun! Lol…

You may have noticed I am having a blogging blip – I just can’t get into the swing of it! I hope and pray for some magic and I get back to my blogging swing.


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21 thoughts on “What is it I am trying to write?

  1. This in itself is a come back of you in a great swing πŸ™‚ I loved the poem, the intention, and understand the process and journey. I have been through my share of frustrations for not even starting or wanting to start on a book that I know wants to be written. I am now at peace, having surrendered when if it would happen. I like how you are being steady in your commitment to bring out the best in service to your readers. Wishing you all the ease and joy as the amazing book flows through you.

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