6 Years Old Today

Well, WordPress reminds me that http://www.thoughtsnlifeblog.com is 6 years old today! I even forgot it was the blog’s birthday.

The first two months of blogging – I think I only wrote about five posts. I started on a free account. I loved blogging though I started slow. When I got into it in June, I was addicted. At that time I was at home, taking care of mum and then I landed a part time job at the place I had worked before – it was perfect!

Here are my first three post ever!

I cringe!

My very first post was A Quote of course. Read here

The second post was – read here

The third post was – read here

Reminiscing the Journery

I remember my blogging journey at the beginning, clueless and secretive, no one should find out, I didn’t even share my name, I had no clue about the reader. People slowly started to comment and I commented back. I followed many blogs some of who have left WordPress, some still here. Bloggers started to follow me – oh wow! I joined all the social media I could – clueless. But, I figured out how to create the automatic integrations from WordPress.com to Facebook and Twitter quite fast (looking back). I signed up to MailChimp but couldn’t figure it out and why! But, it was fun, and I was so naive and innocent. I didn’t even understand what a blog was. Graphics, and photos well – I just used three images all the time as my feature images – eek! I love quotes I would share loads.

As time went by, I would try out different schedules and share my schedules with all, then I would be so organised I have posts scheduled up to three weeks in advance. It was quotes, meditation, and something positive or about thoughts. Then, I started to think ooo maybe I could writer a book and a lot of bloggers encouraged me (I have been trying for the last 2 years or more).

Then I started to write poetry, started my graphics services, started a Youtube channel, had a go at podcasting and then there is my Newsletter I started in July 2021

Blogging on WordPress.com is a complete joy and I have made so many good friends.

However, many of you have noticed I am not blogging as much in the last year or a bit longer – which frankly is really annoying me! I don’t know why I am struggling to write, to engage. My mother’s health is not good, and covid made getting treatment etc impossible. There are some months where is just hospital appointments! I hope to get back to blogging and engaging more, but I think it will be a slower pace. I am making lots of efforts to get my book written, I have been busy with some clients for my graphics services, the newsletter, and I have brought some self-paced courses.

So that is whistle-stop tour of 6 years of blogging – I am sure I have missed a lot

Thank you to all my wonderful friends on WordPress.com so many of you are so dear to me and I classify you as my family. And I would like to say thanks to my New Followers.

Here are some of my publishing statistics

Blogging YearNumber of posts published
and in 2022 …… and counting19

Thank you to all my wonderful friends on WordPress.com so many of you are so dear to me and I classify you as my family. And I would like to say thanks to my New Followers.


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63 thoughts on “6 Years Old Today

  1. Hi Bella – many congratulations, its amazing to look at those first few posts and realise how far you’ve come.

    I have not being seen as many posts from you so did notice.

    Sorry to hear about your mum’s health and hope things improve soon.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, I wish I could blog more, admittedly I am struggling and I feel I have lost my voice for writing somewhere. Mum’s condition is well, not sure how to say it, we have to slowly live with it and manage it. I do hope i will be able to get more blogging done in some shape or form.


      1. I hope so too Bella, I’ve had time away from the blog for various reasons but eventually found reasons to come back.

        And I’ve been blogging for 8 years here!

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi Bella, I had notice you were posting less this year. I also remember the posts with all the quotes. I really liked them and that is why I initially followed your blog. I have enjoyed watching your blog evolve and like your new style too. I hope you will be able to get better help for your mom now the pandemic has reduced to some extent.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thanks Robbie. Actuallhy our NHS is in a bit of a state. We are getting better access to services, we are learning about her condition, and its a bit scary and hard – to be honest. But, we will take it baby step by baby steps.

      Good to know you followed for the quotes. I was thinking I need to go back to my schedule that really worked for me and most people liked it. Part of me doesn’t just want to be know for quotes – sounds terrible!

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Hi Bella, I have a doctor’s appointment for my father on Thursday at the cardiologist. He has recovered well from his pulmonary embolism but is having some unpleasant problems like dizziness and fatigue. Nothing is ever easy in life, but as you say baby steps. You are not only known for quotes, but also for meditations and all round lovely and uplifting advice.

        Liked by 1 person

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