The Secret to A Successful Day – The To Do List

When do you make your To-Do List?

I have always done my ‘to do list’ the night before.
It has always been the task I do before leaving work for the day. It will always be the last task I do each workday. This way, I start the next day knowing what I need to do, the priority, and my meetings.

The additional bonus is when you list all the ‘to do before you finish the workday, you leave with a clean slate, it acts as a turn off the switch, and most importantly, your subconsciousness has taken note – without you knowing it.

What? What do I mean your subconsciousness has taken note?

I learnt the phrase – ” leave it to your subconsciousness”. When I was a junior system analyst fresh out of university, the bosses would say that let your subconscious work on it when they are stuck on a program-coding issue. Make a note of what you are stuck on, leave it, and move on to the task. Creating this deliberate space would release the conscious mind and activate the subconscious mind, and when you least expect it, the solution will become crystal clear.


In the same way, writing your ‘to do list’ before you leave work for the day or weekend acts the same way. I have solved many functional, technical, and other issues by just parking the problem and writing a to-do list before I finished for the day. I always write the most urgent thing on a Post-it note and stick it on my computer. And I always write my to-do list on Pen and Paper in my To-Do List book.

Then when I start my day in the morning, I look at the to-do list and the post-it note, and I start the day already ahead of the day. And, if the day starts off with an urgent email, that derails the to-do list and post-it note, I can always come back to it later.

This one way of working has been my best productivity tool.

Try it and see how you get along – Do comment below.

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