Disappointed, Make an Appointment with Peace. (A Poem)

There is to much in life to be disappointed about

May be just let it be

May be just let it be

May be choose to be free


Bloom like the flower in the rain

Cry through your pain

Don’t faint

Paint a new life, a new thought

Make an appointment to create a new from this ‘dis’ of disappointment

Make an appointment with yourself to shine and glow

Bloom like the flower

Cry through the pain

Let go and let be

Be you and be free.

Fill your cup with all that is good.

Let go of what things ‘should be like’.

There is too much in life to be disappointed by

Choose to be free

Let it be.

Let it go.

The list is too long

There is too much to be disappointed by.

Your whole life may slip by, and all you would have achieved is to be disappointed.

The list is too long.

There are too many, “it should be like this”,.

Fact is, they aren’t!

Choose peace.

Your own inner peace.

Make an appointment with peace in your life.



Per minute

Stop making appointments to be disappointed.

The list is too long. In fact it is endless, and forever growing.

Be and let be.

Learn to stop quickly and let it all go.

Make an appointment with peace

Leave ‘dis’ without a slot in your diary.

Make an appointment with peace, each time ‘dis’ wants to appear.

Make ‘dis’ – disappear.

Each second in your 24hour life, choose peace.

Cry to release the pain, but promise to yourself that peace is what is more important than anything else. Nothing is more important. Nothing is more important.

Feature Image by Larisa Koshkina from Pixabay

*note : just a poem created as stream of consciousness. I am not poet, but here is an attempt. Yes, I write this for me, Believe me I am okay, cause writing helps. But, I know what I feel, others might feel the same, so I share with you all.

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25 thoughts on “Disappointed, Make an Appointment with Peace. (A Poem)

  1. I hope things are okay with you. I relate to this line a lot: “Your whole life may slip by, and all you would have achieved is to be disappointed.” I worry I’ve allowed a lot of time to slip by me by worrying about the future (making appointments with disappointment as you so aptly put it) and dwelling on the disappointments of the past. I’ve been trying to make some plans to move forward in my future. This poem helps.

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    1. I am fine. Writing helps.

      Don’t worry about time wasted. Be happy that you have realised and awakened. Just focus on your projects and be excited by them. Be kind to yourself, don’t be hard. Celebrate the fact you realise now. Realisation is the biggest step to moving forward and letting go. Focus on your project on the positives. That focus will make it all better.

      As for me. The trigger for this poem, will probably trigger me again. Sometimes it is too much, sometimes I win. But writing this poem helped me realise the list is endless and that I got get over it.

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