I read Educated a memoir by Tara Westover earlier this year. I brought it because I saw it mentioned on SKY arts book club a few years ago.

I didn’t research the book. I just found the thought; from no formal education Tara landed in Oxford, Trinity College, Cambridge in 2009. I wanted to know how?

I read it quite fast, maybe in two weeks sometime in January 2022.

It was nothing like the picture I had created in my mind. Oh my. Oh my indeed. At times, I had to remind myself this is a memoir not fiction. This is Tara’s actual life. What a life and what an achievement.

A beautiful written book. An amazing life. Unbelievable, yet it has to be believed for it is her life. Shocking. Insightful. How life can be so different in the modern world!

It is a must read. Obviously I can’t say too much about it, don’t want to spoil it for you. But it is an amazing, shocking, and gripping. Nothing like what I had thought it would be.

If you plan to read it, just read it. Don’t do any research. Because if you research it, then reading her memoir won’t make such an impact.

Education is so important. Access to it is vital. Nothing can be taken for granted. Not all are Education in the modern world. This memoir really turned my world view upside down, meaning I learnt so much. I was blown away. I was saddened and happy at times. But shocked was the biggest emotion. I was also energised by how we can still make a life in what seems impossible. This is such an amazing book. It made me cry in places. But oh my, oh my what a story. There is no way, it so hard to believe, that life in the modern world can be like this? But, it is, or was.

Copied from my kindle.

Images: book cover screen shot from my kindle. Feature image from pixel


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