The One Who Understands the Language of Silence (Hindi Song – English Subtitles)

Title of Song: Moun ki Bhasa Jo Samajhe

In silence, there is happiness. In Silence, God talks to us and fills us with blissful peace and inner strength. We are Souls, points of light, and our home is the world of peace, a land of pure silence. We Souls are eternal, and we have this body to express ourselves. Otherwise, I the Soul is just a being of light energy that vibrates peace, purity, joy, wisdom and love.

I share this song as I had the most beautiful mediation experience yesterday. Just visualising God’s light shining on I and I radiate the light of peace, silence and pure happiness.

I hope you enjoy this song and can have a moment of peace in your busy day.


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14 thoughts on “The One Who Understands the Language of Silence (Hindi Song – English Subtitles)

    1. Thank you – I am glad you liked it. Yes, I think this music will be different to a lot of people. But, I am hoping the music is soothing, and the english translation helps bring out the vibe of the song, the importance of the language of silence. Silence is such a powerful tool. Wishing you a great Monday and rest of the week.

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