Resilience, Opportunity or Abracadabra

For this post, I have taken the following definitions of Resilience, Opportunity, and abracadabra from the Collins Online Dictionary.

Resilience: The ability to bounce or spring back into shape, position, etc. Or the ability to recover strengthspirits, good humour, etc. quickly; buoyancy

Opportunity: A favourableappropriate, or advantageous combination of circumstances. Or a chance or prospect

Abracadabra is a word that someone says when they are performing a magic trick to make the magic happen.


Let’s face it, life can be too much! And Oh man, do we want an abracadabra moment, where everything becomes excellent again.

Occasionally, miracles happen, and we are spared the ordeal! But, sometimes, we must dig deep and find the resilience to get up and carry on.

Let’s Try Something Different

How about we forget the dream of ‘ Abracadabra‘.

Also, let’s put aside Resilience because that really feels like hard work!

We are left with ‘OPPORTUNITY’. If we see the moment where we want magic to happen as an ‘Opportunity’, then we become less stressed and open to growth. We witness the magic happening in our life. We create magic just by being calm and light in the situation. When we change our viewpoint, change our desire, change our hopelessness into hope, we see the beauty in what seems too much to handle, when we see opportunities.

Let’s Understand Opportunity – With a Clip from Evan Almighty – The wife speaks to God (but doesn’t know it)

I want to share this beautiful clip from the movie Evan Almighty – the Modern day Noah and His Arc.

Evan’s wife leaves him with the Kids, and is on the road, stops at dinner and has a conversation with the waiter (who is God – but she doesn’t know that ).

Basic Dialogue

The wife says to Waiter, “God Told him to do that ” What do you do with that?

Waiter (Morgan Freeman – aka God) – “.Sounds like an opportunity. let me ask you something. If someone prays for Patience, do you think God gives him patience, or does he give him the ‘opportunity’ for patience ……….

See the full clip you will love it.

Feature image: by Jeff Jacobs from Pixabay 


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15 thoughts on “Resilience, Opportunity or Abracadabra

  1. Oh, I know all about wanting that “abracadabra” moment to make everything okay instantly! I like how you say to put resilience to the side for the moment. While it’s very important, it comes after the fact, when something has already happened. Focusing on the opportunity gives us a little room to use our free will to act.

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    1. Beautiful said. Resilience is a lesson learnt, to be applied again when a similar situation comes. Or we could say, seeing things as an opportunity is Resilience of some sort. Resilience to our ability to handle. If we shift our mind to see things differently then bingo. It is all a play of words, but meaning I hope is easy to see and implement.

      Thanks for your lovely comment and sharing your excellent view. Always so much to learn.

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  2. I love that Morgan Freeman perspective! Every time I want to procrastinate, or drink that beer, I think of it as a chance to prove myself instead of a dreadful thing I have to do. Yes, it feels just like mind games sometimes, but whatever works, right? Thanks for this post!

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