Restored and Refreshed – Meditation Commentary

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To be perfectly honest with you, I don’t know how I would function in life without meditation and spirituality. I would feel I was running on empty all the time.

Daily spiritual classes, reading, meditation, and the implementation of the classes into one’s life, is a magic something. It is a guiding light, a teacher, an inner strength. It always brings one back to what is IMPORTANT and what is NOT.

Meditation is a connection of I the Soul with the Supreme Soul. An opportunity to download from the Ocean of Peace, Wisdom, and Purity and to bring a drop of that into my own life. And those Drops of peace, purity and wisdom give you bliss, peace, happiness and understanding that can’t be compared to anything else in life.


My Belief – My thoughts on Habits

I seriously believe we can mess up our own life by our habits, thoughts, behaviours, the company we keep, what we do or fail to do, and the inability to know ourselves well enough to know when we are derailing.

“It easy to stand in a crowd, but it takes courage to stand alone- Gandhi’

What we do daily or what we don’t do daily becomes habits. Everything in our life becomes a positive or negative habit. We can mess up our own life by our own life choices. We can drive ourselves and get depressed too.

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Today’s Meditation Choice

I hope you enjoy today’s Meditation choice.

I tend to choose meditation commentaries from the Release Your Wings YouTube Channel because they share the spiritual teaching of Raja Yoga Meditation (they are not my creation).


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12 thoughts on “Restored and Refreshed – Meditation Commentary

  1. Meditation, journaling, me time, reading inspiring books… I do all of these, but I still let people invade my mind, and disrupt my the peace that takes so long to cultivate. For sure I’m doing something wrong. Great to have your post the first one on my reader today.

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    1. We need to learn to apply a full stop and say I let go of you all. I am now sitting down to meditation. You will get better as time goes. And sometimes we gotta let ourselves moan. But we can say to our mind. – ✋️ stop. I am meditating now. It works.

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