Tolerance is not a calm exterior and an angry interior.
Tolerance is the acceptance of unacceptable to keep one’s inner peace. Of course, what is intolerable may require intervention. However, that invention must be carried out calmly, diplomatically and with an understanding of the other person. Because sometimes the other person does not know their behaviour and its impact.

Tolerance is keeping Calm.
Keeping Peaceful
Keeping still
Detaching yourself from the emotions
Seeing the other’s maturity or immaturity level and staying calm and peaceful
Tolerance is diplomacy, experience and accepting what is unacceptable at first. It is giving good wishes to the other. Knowing quietly, we can manage this later.

People with different capacities surround us and our levels of understanding. Common sense is not as common as we think.

So for my peace of mind, Tolerance is the calm exterior and interior understanding that some people just don’t get it. And it is not worth me losing my cool over.

Everyone is unique in their own right. Their understanding is the best they can manage at this stage of their life, even if we feel it falls short. And that is why Tolerance is to stay calm, accept the unacceptable, see the madness and then choose to do something about it or not when the situation is more subdued.

Tolerance requires me to be more mature inside of myself.
It needs me to be spiritually and emotionally detached.
It requires me to see past the situation.
It requires me to make a split-second decision to stay quiet inside and out.

Tolerance is not easy, but if you can master it, you have mastered a great life skill.

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16 thoughts on “Tolerance

  1. The older I get, the more I learn how to keep inner peace (though I am not a master of it just yet). No use in boiling with rage inside. It is a great release to let the anger go, realizing we can’t change other people. A good shrug of the shoulders helps too.

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