Meditation Is Not Mind Control. But, It does help…

Meditation is not about controlling the Mind or emptying the Mind of thought. As the heart’s function is to pump blood around the body, you would not want to control your heart to stop pumping; you may want to take care of it, so it continues to pump well.

As with the Mind, the Mind’s function is to think and create thoughts. The issue is that the Mind can’t tell the difference between a helpful thought and a non-helpful thought.

There is another facility we Souls possess is the Intellect. The Intellect’s job is to judge whether this is a good thing to do or this isn’t something we should do.

When you combine a weak intellect with a mind that thinks without a break, you reach emotional and mental exhaustion. Additionally, we create a deficit in our decision-making and the resulting action. We subsequently pass through life, not using our Intellect to make better choices. In doing so, we slowly lose our intuition and ability to do the thing that is within the rules of integrity.

To consciously live is to understand what the Mind thinks. I now need to direct my Mind to have better thoughts. I need to use my Intellect to make better and more honest decisions. I need to have the courage to follow through on these, especially in a world where it is so easy to follow the crowd.

It is easy to stand in a crowd, but it takes courage to stand alone – Gandhi


The more I sharpen my Intellect and Mind. It becomes easier for me to Judge, think clearly, make better decisions and have a quieter Mind.

The more we do wrong, no matter how small, we numb ourselves to integrity and discernment. It takes courage to do the right thing and stop following the crowd. You become individually strong, and you become happier and more peaceful. We become extremely weak when we do wrong no matter how small.

We are effectively killing our goodness, and the integrity in Humanity also dies when it dies in the individual.

We have a responsibility to ourselves and Human Kind to be our best selves always. Therefore, take every opportunity to use your Mind and Intellect correctly and see your life change slowly and steadily for the better.

Meditation helps us direct our Mind and Intellect and gives us good energy and thoughts to have the courage to do the right thing in a world that wants to do small things wrong.

Over time the subtle accumulation of doing the wrong thing adds up and becomes a burden on I the Soul. To be light, happy, and free of difficulties, live with integrity always. Meditation is an excellent way to bring yourself back on track.

Note: It has been some time since I shared daily meditation or ran a meditation /self-care challenge on the blog. So for the rest of August 2022, I will post a daily meditation to help us on our journey to peace, stability and inner strength.

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