Neither Ego has a place in my life. (Poem)

To your Ego you are blind

But I see it clear and bright

Too many times I have seen it

Too many times, I have healed myself from it.

Too many times, I have allowed myself to be triggered by it.

Countless times I have avoided it.

Many times I have faced it.

I have worked on myself not to feel this way.

I am shocked to realise that I, too, have an Ego, not the arrogant kind, but the type that gets hurt.

To my Ego, I see, I adjust and change.

I have far to go.   

Not perfect at all.

But I  see my faults; I do.

If only your ways did not trigger me.

If only I could be stable, untouched, undisturbed and peaceful.

Why do I let your ways, your Ego disturb me so?  

I have an Ego, too, not the arrogant type, but the kind that gets hurt and quietly says No!

The wise spiritual lesson is to be unmoved by praise or defamation. To be neutral. To shine clean and bright and only share love and light. Neither Ego has a place in my life.

I need to do much inner work so that my internal response is neutral, and I still shine the light of spiritual love.

Note: This is a stream of conscious writing /poem. I know it is not a true poem in structure – but it is what it is and I am just putting out there, would love read your comment, your feelings, emotions and thoughts on this.

© 2022


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13 thoughts on “Neither Ego has a place in my life. (Poem)

  1. HI Bella, this is certainly a most intriguing poem. I think you have delved into the two primary categories of ego here and it is true that either, in the extreme, is a healthy place for an individual to be. The people with low self estimate and diminished egos tend to become victims of the other extreme. Very though provoking.

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