Thought for Today – Get up

A child falls, after a little cry, they get up and carry on as if they never fell down.

As adults, we must not forget to get up when we fall.

We need to get up and brush ourselves off
Carry on
After a little cry

Perfection doesn’t exist.
Failure is not a failure
It is a learning
That allows me to
Grow, gain wisdom and experience.

Life is a journey, not a destination.
Life is an opportunity to learn and grow.
Change is the constant.

Perfection – what is that?
We are all unique.

All I can do is my best.
And keep doing my best – day in and out.
And when I fall.
I must get up.
I must brush myself off.

I need to learn to be proud of all my steps.

I pat myself on the back for every step forward,
no matter how small,
or trivial it seems
it is a step forward
it is a step that took so much strength for me to take.
It is a step of courage and bravery, no matter how trivial it may look,
but it took all my power to do.

I didn’t compare myself to others.

I forgave myself for being hard on myself.

For feeling weak and not strong.

I am proud for my tiny step of courage!

I got up!
I brushed myself off!
I didn’t hide behind all the obstacles in my head or physically present.

I pat myself on the back
Bravo to me

I got up
I cried
I did my best
I got up!

Note: another random attempt at creative writing, or maybe this stream of consciousness! Hope you like it and it inspires, uplifts you if you are feel a bit! Lots of love you all regards bella

© copyright 2022

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13 thoughts on “Thought for Today – Get up

  1. I’ve noticed something else with kids when they fall down. Sometimes they don’t start crying until they see you running over to them all upset. Do we let the world tell us how to feel? Do we sometimes feel bad for “falling” because the world says so?

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