Reconnect with Your Values [Podcast /Youtube]

I create another Podcast/Youtube video -sharing my thoughts on Values.

I hope these thoughts inspire you. I share some video notes below the video – if you want to refer to them.

Let me know what you think of the video and thoughts. It would be lovely if you subscribe to my Youtube channel.

My notes for the video

These are my notes for the video – though I did go off-script a bit. Just sharing them here if it is helpful to anyone.

World Values Day

Today is world values day.

World values day asks us to look at OURSELF and, our values, and what we stand for; we do not look at OTHERS, but we look at ourselves.

We all have many values we can list when we think about them, and many are hidden from us (that is, we can’t see them as they are not on the surface, we need to dig a bit deeper to find them).

When we operate from values deep within ourselves, we transform ourselves. We have a deeper motivation, a deeper self-purpose, and a sense of life.

Nothing is more rewarding than having a core set of values in which we live, operate and interact with others.

Our values are not there for us to Judge or condemn others.

They are there as our Yardstick, for myself to improve, operate, or navigate this life on them.

Our values will CHANGE as I grow older and wiser; some will be with us for our entire life.

To live with values is to be living consciously through life.
We live wider than just ourselves.
We don’t look for praise or recognition.
We live for the purpose of being the best we can be.
We live to be kind, generous, and compassionate, to change injustice, and to make this world better for you and me.
We do it quietly and discretely; sometimes, we are unaware of it.
But we are aware of it because we just can’t be blind to certain things.
We all have values.
But, sometimes, we forget to live by them.
When we as individuals awake and live life by values, we change ourselves, and we change the world.
We don’t have to be in your face about our values.
We can be quietly doing our thing.
We don’t live by values to show off.
We live it because it us. It is our purpose, our reason’d etre, or Ikigai.

So take some time out today and reconnect with yourself and your values. Reflect on yourself and your core values with a pen, paper, and silence. Reawaken them. And start to live with them.

Live them every day. It will re-ignite your fire to live for a higher purpose, to shine your own personal light that much brighter.


I was so excited to share this – that I forgot to put music to the video.


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