NonFiction November 2022 – Week 1

I started to blog in 2016 to share my thoughts on thoughts and life. I have never been much of a reader or writer. 

Blogging opened my eyes to #NaNoWriMo. Which left me thinking, what about Nonfiction? I am a nonfiction fan, mainly self-help, memoirs and contemplative books. I have read a few fiction books that I have enjoyed.

Now in 2022, guess what comes across in my Reader? ‘Nonfiction November’! 

Nonfiction November – Week 1

I came across two bloggers on my reader who have shared their entry for Nonfiction November, ” Your Year in Nonfiction – Week 1″, and have inspired me to participate in this for the first time.

I will follow their lead a bit with my entry. As always, I walk into this clueless and excited.

The Rules for Week One

Katie @ Doing Dewey is hosting Week 1 – Your Year in Nonfiction:

Do you have a particular topic you’ve been attracted to more this year? 

My main focus has been reading books on writing because I want to write nonfiction books.   

But, as I like variety, I have read books on spirituality, self-help, memoirs, and contemplative books. I am not the fastest reader. Consequently, I listen to Audible books (yes, it is not reading, but it helps me get the variety and knowledge a bit faster). The thing with nonfiction is you take notes, and that takes time.

Bird By Bird, Anne Lamott – Kindle 

It is a classic book on writing fiction that comes highly recommended as a must-read. The main takeaway is to approach writing one baby step at a time. I found it helpful for a nonfiction wannabe writer in a few places, but it didn’t give me the lift I was after. However, that has more to do with me and where I am with my reading and writing journey.

Artists Way, Julia Cameron – Kindle   

Finding our passion in your creative pursuit, whatever it might be. 

Julia is quite spiritual and looks at the Universe to guide us and encourages us to allow ourselves to be guided. She gives us weekly tasks and daily must-do to help release our creativity and our blocks. She shares her story because this book was something she created for herself as she was unblocking her creativity. I utterly loved this book as it is about sparking creativity in any field.

On Writing, Steven King – Audible

Steven reads it on Audible, and it is lovely to hear him read. His tone is quite something. ‘On Writing’ is mainly his memoir and it is utterly fascinating. Because he reads it, you feel immersed in it, it is like a one-to-one masterclass with him. His writing tips are profound, and he is rather strict about what he likes and doesn’t like. I love his writers toolbox so very useful.   

How to Write Non-fiction, Joanne Penn – Kindle 

I love Joanne because she is based in the UK and therefore writes and gives advice that I can relate to. Her book is straight to the point, has valuable references, and makes us think broader than just the writing. She makes us think about ‘making writing a business’, and not just writing a book.

Show your Work, Austin Kleon – Kindle

Learn to show your work, whatever it might be. Show it on social media, blogging or where ever you want to. It gives us the courage to show our work, even if it is not perfect.

Meditations, Marcus Aurelius -Audible  

Marcus Aurelius practises Stoicism like the Philosophers of the time. 

‘Meditation’ is a collection of Marcus Aurelius’ private journals(books). If he were alive, he might be horrified.   

What I find beautiful about his words is that they are eloquent, profound and valid to us today. He wrote about seeing life and interacting with people and the earth. 

You can read it again and listen to it over and over again. It is perfect if you love to contemplate life and improve yourself. 

Warning: You must get the correct version of ‘Meditations’ to read, because not all versions are readable! I learnt the hard way. I brought a paperback from my Local Waterstone’s , I returned it in two days – it did not read like the audible one.

Then I found. one on Amazon Kindle.this one and it exactly like the audible one.

Educated, Tara Westover- Kindle 

This is a memoir that I came across when watching Sky Arts Book Club.  

A real-life story that is surreal, and at times I had to remind myself this is someone’s life; this is not fiction. It is not a story set in 1800 early 1900, but it is a story of recent times, maybe in the last eight years or so.  

It has a happy-ish ending, a bitter-sweet story, and for me, utterly shocking! I still can’t believe it. I read it in January 2022 in two weeks ( I was so hooked).

I wrote a blog post on Educated

What was your favourite nonfiction read of the year?

What nonfiction book have you recommended the most? 

I will answer these two questions with my top three. These books have had the most significant impact on me.

Educated by Tara Westwover – Kindle 

Meditation by Marcus Aurelius

On Writing – Steven King 

What are you hoping to get out of participating in Nonfiction November?

Connect with more bloggers in general as well as nonfiction bloggers to be inspired by them, their book choices, and their views.

So that concludes my rambling entry into Nonfiction November Week 1. 

Image credits: Amazon Kindle, Amazon, Audible and Katie @ Doing Dewey 


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30 thoughts on “NonFiction November 2022 – Week 1

  1. Happy to find your blog too Bella. Thanks for visiting mine. I guess it was good timing as I am a nonfiction/memoir writer too, lol. And btw, great list of books. I’ve read almost all of them. I love Anne Lamott’s books – “If people wanted you to write warmly about them, they should have behaved better.” –Anne Lamott. Truest words. 🙂 ❤

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  2. Welcome to Nonfiction November, so glad you found this awesome event.
    FYI, November is also Novellas in November:
    Among other things! It’s a crazy month, as it’s also Scifi-month and German Lit month!

    I have heard so much about King’s book on writing, I really want to read it one day.
    Here is my list, I have one in literary criticism:

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  3. Oh, this is wonderful! I’ve read all these books except the Penn’s one. I’ll add to my list. You must read Writing down the bones by Natalie Goldberg, for the the best of all books about writing.

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