Set Yourself Free from Negative Self-talk with Daily Affirmations [YouTube-Podcast]

If you are struggling with negative self-talk, or confidence, or are just overwhelmed by it all. Affirmations are a great way to break the negativity in your life.

An affirmation is a positive statement, and generally starts with “I am…”

Affirmation when repeated 7 times 3 times a day for as many days as possible, becomes a new positive habit. We break the negative thinking and become positive and always find ways to become happy even when we are sad.

Repeating affirmations, especially with pen and paper, help to rewire our thinking, and our automatic thoughts and make a significant difference in our life. We break the pattern of negative thinking and become happier, more confident and more content. We start to believe in ourselves. I say this because I have used this tool. About 17 years ago, I hit a major wall in life, and it was this affirmation practice that helped me get out of it. It is easy to do. And it becomes a tool for life.

Enjoy experimenting with affirmations. I hope you enjoy the one below.

I created a Youtube/Podcast video of this Affirmation and this post if you want to listen to it. At the end of the video is an interactive section where we can write the affirmations together seven times. You can relisten to video at that point to have me give you company each time you write the affirmation.



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9 thoughts on “Set Yourself Free from Negative Self-talk with Daily Affirmations [YouTube-Podcast]

    1. Aww fab. Do it for a min of 21 days, at least once a day.. 3 is idea. But once might be realistic. But I will always say more than once, it just makes it all better. Repeating , writing, rewires the mind and those automatic thoughts.. it so nice. Wish you happiness and success

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  1. Wonderful affirmation! I had gone really down on the path of self-depreciation, it wasn’t any good for my body and mind, I had to change it, my inner-child didn’t deserve this punishment. So, little by little I’m being more appreciative of my efforts and giving permission for self-respect.

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