MERRY Christmas 🤶 ðŸŽ„

Dear Friends,  Christmas is almost upon us.  Time with Friends and Family.

Wishing you all a merry Christmas 🎅, have a lovely time.

Christmas is a time that can be joyous, or we have mixed feelings about it, or it could be a sad time.

I want to wish you well, love, health, wealth, happiness and inner peace.

If it is a sad time, or a time of mixed feelings. Maybe, you could list 5 things to be grateful for. Try Sending peace and love filled vibrations to the world. Remember what we think about we vibrate and manifest.

I do love Christmas but it is a time of mixed feelings. I can see some at their very best, but I also experience some at the their very worst.

So, instead of focusing on the worst. I let God’s love fill me and make sure I vibrate high. This helps us not get stuck the ways, the games the whys. It allows us to shine and be our best.

I Hope you enjoy these songs, which are my favouriteat this time of year.. and Enjoy Christmas in whatever shape it is.

lots of love Bella. (aka

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